The Morning Chatter: Sun & Moon

Connecting with nature on a daily basis is key to improving your connection with animals and all that is. Developing a daily meditation practice allows you to open in a more grounded and deeper way to your animal friends. Meditation does not need to be complicated. Simply walking in nature or just standing or sitting still can be quite profound. Do this every day and notice how you feel.

Most of my life I was a “night owl” in my work and life but my kitty Rudy would get me up at O-dark-thirty! What a beautiful time of day. The world for the most part is quiet just before sunrise. The air has a different feel to it. Then as the sun begins to rise above the horizon there is a shift. The world seems to come to life from the stillness of the night.

This morning I was doing my usual morning “chores” of filling bird feeders and making sure our wild animal friends have breakfast and clean water. It was a lovely morning with a soft mist in the air that felt so good on my face. I turned to go back inside and saw the moon in the west with light misty clouds passing in front of its face. Rudy, our kitty, was chattering away as he usually does in the morning. The birds began to wake up and sing their morning songs and the sun started to light up the sky as it began to peek above the horizon through the trees.

Turn the audio up and enjoy a moment of quiet meditation as you connect with the moon, clouds, sky, sun, birds, trees and all that is….

The Morning Chatter: Sun & Moon

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