Animal Reiki Sessions

Distant Reiki sessions  are a wonderful gift for your animal companions, as well as for yourself. You do not need to feel ill to benefit from a Reiki session. Anyone can benefit from a treatment. In fact, it is preferable that you join your animal for their  distant Reiki healing session.

Reiki supports healing for both our animal friends and their companions. Our animals reflect ourselves back to us, and often, if we are not feeling well emotionally and/or physically, they, too, do not feel their best and vice-versa. We often worry when our animals don’t feel well or are behaving badly. For this reason, I love to include you in the Reiki treatment as well.

I offer a single distant Reiki session for $75  and a series of 5 distant Reiki sessions at a discounted price of $325. Especially in the case of a chronic condition a series of sessions may be needed to help resolve the issue.

The first session is a “getting to know you” session as your animal has its first experience with Reiki. In subsequent sessions, the animal is able to relax more quickly because it feels prepared with an understanding of what will occur and the part they play in their healing process.

Getting ready for your treatment/session.

At the scheduled 30-minute treatment time, I will have the photo/s of your animal companions that you sent me. Before we start you need to be sure you and your animal companions have a quiet space to rest and relax. Make sure computers and mobile devices are turned off although you might want to turn on some relaxing music.

You can sit with your animal companion/s or lie down. They do not need to be touching you. Your animal companion can do whatever he or she likes as long asd you both are comfortable.I will send you an email about the session after the session ends.

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