Relax & Heal With Your Animal Companions

Meditating with dog

Healing With Your Animals Guided Meditation

Wouldn’t you just love to spend some time relaxing and healing with your animal companions?

This powerful and gentle meditation will show you exactly how to BE with your animal companions and receive Reiki healing together. No giver, no receiver, just communing together for a beautiful healing moment in time.

Price: $29  $19

In this Meditation, you and your animal companions will:

  • Experience being grounded and centered
  • Experience a deeper connection with your animals that I call a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection, as you heal together
  • Receive a “plate of healing Reiki energy cookies or treats” and your animals will be offered their own special “plate of Reiki treats” too.
  • Discover the importance of setting your INTENTION when receiving Reiki
  • Learn why allowing your animals to be in charge of their Reiki session makes all the difference for them and their healing process
  • Experience the traditional Japanese Reiki meditation called Joshin Kokyu Ho
  • Be offered REIJU (spiritual blessing) along with your animal companions
  • Get to work with the Reiki Precept – Be True To Your Way and Your Being


At the end of the meditation, your animal companion and you may feel completely relaxed to the point of taking a nap together.

If you have brain fog or a busy mind, you may feel more alert and focused… and have a beautiful smile on your face.


This meditation will give you and your animal companions a special time together for the purpose of relaxing and healing.

Before you can offer healing to another… you must first take care of yourself.

This experiential meditation will show you how to get in a beautiful state of relaxation and connection with your animals and all that is. You will receive and offer gentle healing energy as you relax with your animal companion.

Start the Guided Meditation With Your Animals Today.

Price: $29  $19

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