Telepathic communication is the language of all animals. Did you know that all human beings are born with the ability to communicate telepathically? Unfortunately, most of us have already lost this ability around the time we begin to read and write.

The Animal Kingdom has so much they want to teach us. “Slow down”, they say. “Get quiet. Listen. Start feeling.”

If you are close to an animal, you can be sure that you’re communicating with them already, although you may not realize it.  You might assume that the thoughts and feelings you experience when you’re with them are your own – even if they seem odd or out of context with the circumstances at hand.

Learning Animal Communication is similar to learning a new language. When you meet a fellow human who speaks a language different from your own, you don’t assume that they’re stupid, have nothing to say, or that they can’t communicate. You only need to make an effort to learn their language. If you visit Paris, for instance, and you’ve only learned a couple of key phrases – like “Bonjour” or “Comment allez-vous” (how are you?), it goes a long way towards creating a bond that might not otherwise come into existence.

Just like talking with a friend on the telephone, communication with animals is a two-way process. There is a sender and a receiver – a talker and a listener. Telepathic communication expresses in various forms, such as words, feelings, pictures, movies in your head, smells, thoughts, and emotions. You know that “gut feeling” you get when you’re around your animal companion(s) or that deep sense of knowing that you experience? That’s telepathic communication.  The truth is that everyone’s experience is different and we each have our unique ways. Some of us receive in multiple ways while others might receive in just one or two. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Knowing how your animal companion feels about various aspects of your shared lives can greatly strengthen the bond between you. Most animals are eager to share their insights, opinions, and love with the humans who are most important to them. As their close companion, you can expect to receive answers straight from their hearts that reflect the love and respect they hold for you.

The Animals in our lives offer us the gift of reflecting us back to ourselves and are thrilled when we’re open to hearing what they have to say. Think about it….don’t you feel important when others listen to you with love, compassion, and a true desire to know and understand you? With the animals, it’s no different.

We only need to learn to open our hearts and listen – heart-to heart and soul-to soul.

I’d love to be the guide who shows you how.

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