Nothing in my life growing up had given prior indication that I would one day become an Animal Communicator or Reiki practitioner  – until that day arrived. As a child, animals were my greatest joy, as was every other aspect of nature…the trees, the flowers, the elements.

Janet Dobbs Animal Communicator


I had intended to become a vet when I grew up and experienced a rude awakening the day I found out what I’d have to do to animals while studying veterinary medicine.

So I moved in another direction – music. I received a degree in Music Education, went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Music Performance, and taught private instrumental lessons for many years. While working on my masters I was introduced to the very different world of television and radio.


I received a degree in Broadcasting and began my journey into that world, where I would spend the next three decades of my professional career as a television broadcast engineer.


A lot of life happened along the way, until the time arrived when I took my first Animal Communication Courses with proteges of Penelope Smith, a pioneer in the field of animal communication. Simply put, there was no turning back, as I had finally found my great love and passion.

You might find it interesting to know that I owe my career as an animal communicator to the guidance of one of the most important animal companions of my life with my husband – our kitty, Cleo. Cleo was my dearly beloved for 11 years before she transitioned in 1994 at the age of 18.

First, Cleo’s guidance pointed me in the direction of the study of animal nutrition, especially pertaining to cats. That led me to the study of healing animals with homeopathy. Next, I was introduced to the world of Animal Communication. And finally, Reiki.

I believe that Animal Communication and the system of traditional Japanese Reiki with animals, complement each other, and, in fact, I have found that the meditation practices found in the system of Reiki are key to helping one go deeper with Animal Communication. To be very clear, Animal Communication & Reiki are NOT the same, but the foundation of both is a regular meditation practice. (Click here for a deeper explanation about Reiki with animals and Animal Communication)

I founded my company, Animal Paradise – Communication & Healing, LLC because I believe that everyone is born with the ability to telepathically communicate with animals and has the natural born ability to heal ourselves and others.

I’ve been practicing and teaching animal communication and Traditional Japanese Reiki since the mid 90’s and have clients and students from around the world. I so love how we are all connected, especially with the help of animals.

I would be honored to guide you and support you on your special journey with your beloved animal companion(s) as you learn new ways to strengthen and deepen the bond between you. Knowing the beauty that this experience can bring is a special gift from animals and all life to you.

Guiding others to discover and use their own, unique form of communication & healingd is one of my greatest joys.

My courses, lectures, webinars, and private mentoring are informed by my experience with hundreds of animals and the extensive training I’ve received over many years. I am humbled, honored, and fortunate to have trained by and with the very best, and continue to work with some of my teachers and mentors. Although I have had several wonderful human animal communication and Reiki teachers, my greatest teachers are of course the animals!

Sweet Cleo and I worked lovingly together in The Underground Peace Movement™, a phrase I first heard by Penelope Smith.

Cleo pointed out that if one human at a time would simply open to, listen to, and heal with the animals the world would be a different place. 

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone could hear what the animals have to say? What they want to tell us? What they want to teach us?

We could create a vastly different world. We can do it. It starts with one human at a time. The Underground Peace Movement™


  • B.M.E. (music & education)
  • B.A. in Broadcasting
  • M.M. in Music Performance
  • Certified teacher of Penelope Smith’s Beginning and Advanced I & II Animal Communication courses;
  • Graduate Teacher of the International House of Reiki
  • Registered Reiki practitioner and teacher with the Shibumi International Reiki Association, whose aim is to support and promote the practice of the traditional Japanese system of Reiki
  • Trained in Healing Touch, small animal massage, acupressure for animals, homeopathy for animals, animal nutrition, Bach Flower essences, and essential oils
  • Certified in the advanced field of Bioenergy with Mietek Wirkus
  • Founding member of SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) in 2008; SARA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to implement the ethical use of Reiki in all animal shelters and rescues throughout the USA and worldwide.
  • Work in tandem with veterinarians at their request

Photos on this page and the homepage by Samantha S. Marshall, Sweet Memories Photography.

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Sign Up for My Newsletter & Deepen the Connection With Your Animals.

You also get my Transformational Meditation so you can experience a special Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Connection with your animal friend(s).