Deepen your heart and soul connection with yourself, animals, and all that is

Each of us is born with our own, unique way of communicating telepathically with animals, right along with the ability to heal ourselves and others.

My name is Janet Dobbs. I’ve practiced more than two decades as an animal communicator & Reiki practitioner. You and I would work together with the animals to discover your unique communication style and explore the power of Reiki healing.

Along the way, you’ll be deepening your heart and soul connection with yourself, animals, nature, and ultimately all that is.

I invite you to join me


Ways We Can Work Together

animal paradise communication healing

Animal Communication Training

All people have the capacity to develop their ability to communicate with animals. I offer courses and workshops for all levels of study.

animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Training

Learn the practice of Reiki energy healing to offer a gentle means of healing and support to your animal companions, yourself, and your loved ones.

Private Mentoring Sessions

If you’d like to work one-on-one with me over time, I offer various, customized mentoring programs for students at all levels.

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You also get my Transformational Meditation so you can experience a special Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Connection with your animal friend(s).

Scenes From My Life’s Work

animal paradise communication healing

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