Animal Reiki Training

I invite you to explore your natural ability to relax, heal and learn about the system of Reiki in the courses below.

Shoden Reiki I with Animals In-Person Workshop

animal-reikiIn this beginning Reiki course, you’ll learn how to deepen your connection with your animal companions while learning gentle ways to heal and support yourself and your animals.

This course is taught over 2 days. I always love to say, “It’s about the animals and the humans that love them!” To me, the “it” is love, compassion, communication and healing. One of the most wonderful benefits of Reiki is stress relief.

After the in-person class, you will always have access to the class materials in the Animal Paradise Communication & Healing University.

Reiki I is a prerequisite for Reiki II with Animals and all other Animal Reiki courses.

Introduction to Animal Reiki


This is a fun and informative class that will give you a taste of what the system of Reiki is and why it is a wonderful healing modality to use with animals.


Upcoming dates to be announced.

Okuden Reiki II (Inner Teachings) & Animal Reiki

Reiki II helps us delve deeper into self-healing by using more advanced practices and meditations. Animals love it when we begin working in this way. When we relax and begin to heal, our animals do, as well – and vice versa.


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Shinpiden Reiki III (Mystery Teachings) & Animal Reiki

In Reiki III, your healing journey with animals will continue to deepen as you learn advanced techniques, practices, and methods of healing and BEING with animals. You will also learn how to teach and share Reiki with others.


Dates and program description to be announced.