Animal Reiki Sessions

Animals Teach Us And Show Us The Way.

Together We Can Create A Space

Where Healing Can Take Place.

Reiki sessions can be offered in person or from a distance.

Distant Reiki sessions  are a wonderful gift for your animal companions, as well as for yourself. You do not need to feel ill to benefit from a Reiki session. Anyone can experience benefits. In fact, it is preferable that you join your animal companion(s) for their distant Reiki healing session.


An animal is always in control of their Kitty receiving ReikiReiki session. What does that mean exactly? Instead of forcing an animal to stay in one place, they are encouraged to do what ever they need to do to be comfortable. I like to think of a Reiki session like this: pretend that I have a full plate of “Reiki cookies” or “Reiki treats”. I offer them to your dog. “Would you like a cookie?” Your dog eats the whole plate along with the cookies! A new plate always appears and I then offer you some cookies. Maybe you only want 2. Then I offer cookies to your kitty. She does not want any right now but is clear that she might like one in a little while. Each of these responses is perfect. Each being is free to take/receive what they need or they do not have to take/receive anything at that time. They are totally free to choose.

Another fun benefit of working with animals and Reiki in this way is an animal might offer you or the practitioner a Reiki cookie! Yes animals have the ability to heal us as we do them. This healing process is like a 2-way street.


Each session is 30 minutes.
(I am only offering long distant sessions at the moment. NO in-person sessions.)

1 session: $87
2 sessions: $194
3 sessions: $281
4 sessions: $348
5 sessions: $375 (discounted price for series of 5 sessions)


I highly recommend a series of 5 distant Reiki sessions.

Usually the 1st session is a getting to know each other, as the animal begins to  understand what takes place. A Reiki session can be a very new experience for them because they are fully in control of how the session goes as the practitioner creates a space where healing can take place.

After the 1st session, everyone understands what takes place during a session and that all the animal had to “do” is relax. Falling asleep is a wonderful side affect. In following sessions, the animal usually relaxes even more allowing them to experience a much deeper healing session.

Once you schedule a session, I will send detailed instructions for you and your animal companions before we begin the first session. After each Reiki session I will send you an additional email tailored just for you and your animal companion.

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