I am honored when an animal gives me permission to be its healing vessel.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki energy healing is ultimately the practice of compassion. It signals a dedication to connect with the animal kingdom on a heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul level. It is sacred work.

By virtue of its ultra-gentle application, Reiki proves an ideal form of healing that works to deepen the connection and relationship between humans and their animal companions.

The ultimate goal of a Animal Reiki treatment is to help the animal relax so it can heal. Before beginning a session, I first connect with the animal to determine how it’s feeling. I need to confirm with the animal that it wants a treatment at that time and to let them know that they – not I – are in charge of how much Reiki energy they receive. The animal also has the option of choosing to not receive any treatment at all. Letting the animal know that the Reiki energy is theirs to receive or not to receive empowers the animal – sometimes for the first time in their life.

This is how a Reiki treatment generally unfolds: After speaking to the animal’s person to determine the issue at hand, I become silent and still and move to a place of deep relaxation. In the beginning, Reiki is offered without touching the animal directly. This allows the animal to sense the Reiki energy and to become comfortable with me, the practitioner. Again, the animal is always in control of the session, not I. While the Reiki energy is flowing, the animal is allowed to move around freely. As the animal gets used to me, it may signal its permission to be touched by moving closer, or positioning a body part close to me or directly into my hands.

The animal shows signs of accepting Reiki by relaxing, sitting down, lying down, yawning, licking and chewing; in the case of horses – zoning out and sleeping.  An animal might need to get up and walk around during the session, get a drink of water or move away from the energy momentarily. During that time, I remain in place, allowing the animal to come back for more, if they choose. When the alloted time is up, I bring the session to a close, always thanking the animal for its participation.



The beauty of Reiki is that it can be offered – and received – from literally anywhere your animal friend is located. Across a room. Across a pasture. Even in a remote city, state, or country. Distant Reiki sessions are perfect for people with busy schedules, which seems to be nearly everyone nowadays. It is as effective as in-person, hands-on healing sessions. Many animals even prefer distant treatments.  Some people alternate in-person treatments with distant treatments, while others prefer distant treatments exclusively. Distant Reiki is especially ideal for very small animals, animals that are afraid of humans, animals that are close to death, and older and very fragile animals.

It can also be helpful during and right after surgery, and for pain relief, healing emotional issues, preventing illness, and easing the transition to death.

Following a distant treatment, you’ll usually see some sign of improvement right away. However, keep in mind that each case is unique and results will vary.