Okuden REIKI II  (Inner teachings) with Animals
On-Line Workshop

DATES: Coming Late Summer 2021
COST:  $499

PREREQUISITE: Reiki II is designed for graduates my Shoden Reiki I with Animals course or graduates of an approved Animal Reiki course by another Reiki teacher. Please contact Janet for more information.

Course Description

Taking you much deeper into the System of Traditional Japanese Reiki, Okuden (Reiki II) you will discover and learn new ways to heal yourself and how to include or incorporate your animal friends in your practices. I teach Reiki II over a several week period of time. The reason that I choose to do this is to give you the opportunity to go home and practice with your own animals. In Reiki II you will learn the 3 Reiki II symbols and mantras. Each represents a different energy and I feel it is important to have time with each so you can better feel, experience and understand for yourself the difference instead of learning all 3 at the same time. I also find it is very helpful when you have time to return and share your experiences with your fellow Reiki students. Each in-person session with have at least one special animal teacher present.

What You Will Learn

  • Meditations with animals
  • New meditations for working with reiki precepts and animals
  • Traditional Japanese Reiki level II symbols & mantras
  • How to include animals when working with symbols and mantras
  • How to chant the Reiki mantras for your own self-healing and healing animals
  • How to work with an animal in a professional and ethical way when offering healing treatments
  • How to begin offering Reiki professionally

You will receive:

  • Reiki II manual & and extensive Animal Reiki manual
  • Reiki II practitioner certificate