Reiki & Animal Communication: Different or the Same?

There is a long-standing debate about Reiki and Interspecies Telepathic Communication. One side of the debate insists that Reiki & Animal Communication ARE the same and the other side of the debate say that they are two completely different modalities.

(Please stick around for the whole post and listen to the short guided meditation below)

I have pondered this question for many years and I would love to share my experience with you to hopefully clear up these questions once and for all.

First, let’s take a quick look at both modalities or practices and become very clear what each is and is not.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word that literally translates as “Spiritual Energy”. “Ki” in Japanese is the same as “Chi” in Chinese. You have most likely heard of Chi. Ki is the energy that flows through all living things and is known as the life force.

There are many schools of Reiki. I teach and practice the system of Traditional Japanese Reiki. Most people think of Reiki as hands on healing, but there is so much more to the practice.

The System of Reiki is made up of 5 elements: Meditations, The Reiki Precepts, Symbols & Mantras, Reiju & hands on healing.

Animal Communication (Interspecies Telepathic Communication)

Interspecies means different species. Telepathy means “feeling” at a distance. For a detailed explanation of exactly what Interspecies Telepathic Communication is, how it works and how you are already doing it please CLICK HERE.

Based on the above simple explanations of Reiki and Animal Communication it would seem quite clear that they are nothing alike, but if you look deeper at the definition of the word Telepathy, FEELING at a distance, you may find similarities.


Most people confuse Telepathy (feeling at a distance) with Telephone, which means “hearing” at a distance. Some people think that an animal communicator actually hears words that the animal says to them. Well that is not usually the case. Yes sometimes, but not usually.

Telepathic communication can be received as a deep sense of knowing. Yes, telepathic communication can be received in many different ways including, pictures in your mind, physical sensations, emotions, taste, smell, hearing, but for me, the most profound and deepest is the sense of knowing– a gut feeling, or intuition.

But how does one properly communicate this information and communication into human language?

Well, that is what an animal communicator must do when working with a human client.

I realized that I needed to be very clear with my words. Ah, the animals are always teaching me and calling me out on that very subject! Being clear and using the right words. You know how one little word can totally change the meaning of what you are trying to communicate?

More than once I have had an animal correct me as I am doing my best to translate to their loving human what they just shared with me. The animal stops me cold mid-sentence and I feel them saying, “That’s not what I said!” So, I pause and search for a better word. Often, they might say, “Nope! That’s not it!” But when I find the correct word that fully and deeply expresses what they are trying to communicate, I will feel a total relief and peace in my whole body and they will say, “Yes, that is correct.”

Reiki and Animal Communication are NOT the same modalities.

I mention this to share with you my realization that maybe my words have not been 100% clear… that Reiki & Animal Communication work well together, but they are not the same modalities.


To me, the purpose of a Reiki session is to offer healing.

The purpose of a professional animal communication session is to be a translator for an animal and the human that loves them, to bring about deeper understanding and a richer relationship.

When I teach Reiki, I do not teach animal communication and when I teach animal communication, I do not teach the system of Reiki, but I do teach the foundational meditations and principals of the system of Reiki in an animal communication or meditation workshop without labeling them as Reiki meditations.


With both modalities, Reiki & Animal Communication, it is important for the teacher, practitioner or student to be grounded, relaxed, open and in a beautiful meditative state of BEING.

This is one of the similarities with both modalities in my personal experience and practice.

During a Reiki session with an animal, the practitioner offers healing from a place of BEING & connection and creates a space where healing can take place. In this beautiful place and space of BEING, healing along with very deep and true communication can take place.

No words. Just BEING.

During animal communication sessions, I create that same quiet space of BEING with the animal. The difference is when communicating you have to go from that beautiful silence to the world of human words and communication with the animal’s person. (while staying in the quiet space of connection and being)

During a communication session, healing can take place, but the purpose of the session is for deeper understanding. I feel that when we have good communication with each other a healing can take place as well. Maybe not a physical healing, maybe an emotional healing.

My conclusion about Reiki and Animal Communication being the same or different is: they are 2 different modalities, but they can complement and support each other in beautiful and natural ways and the foundation for both is the s.

I feel the only way to really know the answer to the question about Reiki with animals and animal communication is to experience both modalities for yourself.

Please enjoy this guided meditation

Quieting your body and your busy mind is a key for both clear and deep communication with an animal as well offering Reiki. It is important when working with either modality that we work on ourselves first so we can be more fully present with our animal friends or clients.

Invite your animal companion to join you in this short and simple guided meditation. As you practice it, notice how your animal responds and feel your connection to your animal friend and their connection with you. Practice this daily and you may notice a change for the better in yourself, your life and the relationship with your animals and all that is. Please feel free to share your experience below.



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