Are you going on a vacation in the near or distant future? Do you and/or your animal companions have separation anxiety when you are away? I know I do!

Going on a vacation can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for animal parents and their furry friends. However, with proper communication and preparation, you can make the experience enjoyable for all of you. Let’s dive into some practical tips to ease separation anxiety and maintain a strong connection with your animal companions during your time away.

1. Communicate with Your Animal Companions:

Animals are highly perceptive and can pick up on your emotions and intentions. Before you start packing for your vacation, let your furry friends know about your upcoming trip. Speak to them about your plans, how long you will be away, and the exciting destination you’re headed to. Reassure them that you will return and emphasize the positive aspects of your trip, which will help alleviate their anxiety.

2. Set Expectations and Routine:

Animals thrive on routine, so it’s essential to establish a clear plan for their care while you’re away. Let them know who will be taking care of them, when they’ll be fed, walked, or given attention. Consistency will help them feel secure and reduce any stress related to changes in their daily routines.

3. Give Them a Job:

Assigning your fur kids a job before you leave can give them a sense of purpose and responsibility. For instance, suggest to your dog that it would really help if they patrol the baseboards of the house for bugs or ask your cat to fill each room with their love and essence. Giving them something to do in this way can keep their minds occupied and provide comfort while you’re away.

4. The Day you Leave:

Remind them where you will be going, how long you will be gone, and who will be caring for them while you are away. The most important thing is to remind them that you WILL RETURN and when.

5. Connect Telepathically:

While you’re away on vacation, you can maintain a strong connection with your pets through your heart. When you are thinking about them, they are most likely thinking about you.

One of my favorite things to do is to ask them if they would like to see what you are experiencing. Invite them to “see through YOUR eyes” and then show them exactly what you are looking at and experiencing. You can share with them all of the details of your surroundings and how you feel. Your joy of seeing the ocean, the excitement of seeing wild animals in their natural habitats and so much more.

As you send them thoughts of love, reassurance, and your experiences during your trip, you can also ask them if they will let you see their world through their eyes and experience their surroundings. This can build a deeper bond with your animal companions.

6. Reassure Them Throughout Your Absence:

Continue to stay in touch with your pets during your time away by saying hello to them in the morning and when you go to bed. As you feel your heart connection let them know you’re thinking about them. Remind them when you will return to reassure them that you WILL return soon.

7. Homecoming Celebration:

The day you return is a joyous occasion for both you and your animals. Let them know you’re on your way home and anticipate the happiness of being reunited. Picture their excitement as you walk through the door and celebrate the joyous reunion with them.

And finally, you walk through the door and the celebration begins. Doggie kisses, kitty rubs, and horse neck-hugs.

Going on vacation doesn’t have to be a source of separation anxiety for you or your animal companions. By maintaining open communication, setting clear expectations, and staying connected during your time away, you can ensure a stress-free time away and a happy reunion when you return. Remember, the key to a successful vacation is love, reassurance, and a strong bond between you and your beloved animal companions. Enjoy your time away, knowing that your animal family are well-cared for and eagerly awaiting your return!

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