Message From Birds – Sing Your Song!

Message From Birds – Sing Your Song! Did you know that birds are the messengers of the local and national news for the animal kingdom? Next time you are outside, stop and see if you can hear a [...]

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Hello! Did you hear that? I never used to be a morning person. Quite the opposite actually. There were times when I would go to bed as the sun was beginning to rise. That was my natural rhythm [...]

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The Morning Chatter: Sunrise

Sunrise Take a moment each morning to watch and listen. Open all of your senses as you take a nice deep in breath, breathing it all in. Ah…. Rudy would greet the morning quite vocally as [...]

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Spring is in the air!

Spring Is In The Air! Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Not only are the birds singing, they are looking for the perfect place to set up house keeping. [...]

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