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Message from Birds – Sing Your Song!

What does singing have to do with it? What does love have to do with it?


You might think… what the heck does singing have to do with animal communication or Reiki?

Do I have your attention? I am going to share an experience and lesson that I had with some birds one morning during a meditation.

Blue jays were calling. Their songs and calls can be quite loud and cut through other sounds like a knife through soft butter. I sat in the stillness of my meditation and listened. What are they saying?

I was tempted to go out and record their songs.
Ah… that is what the message was, “Come outside and join us”!

What, I thought?
“Join you? What might that mean?”

The next thing I know, I am outside at the bird feeder. The air was cool, because it was early morning as the sun was coming up over the rooftop of our neighbor’s house. Again, the blue jays called out to each other. I felt like calling back to them. My heart felt as if it was opening to the great all that is as they continued to sing and call to each other.

I connected to the blue jay that was up on a high tree branch above me calling to his friends. The friends were responding to his calls from many directions. They had messages to share with us humans. I sat in the stillness and listened to their songs.

Sing your song out loud.
Don’t be afraid.
Sing like the birds.

Don’t worry about what others have told you throughout your life that might have given you the false idea that “you can’t sing”. Everyone can sing. Everyone has a vibration. Everyone has a song. Sing YOUR song. Sing with the birds.

Still afraid to sing? Just HUM!!

Create a vibration inside your body using your vocal chords.
Let it out! Let your sound and vibration out. Allow it to flow everywhere.

Sing your song.

Sing in the shower. Sing in your house or room. Sing outside in the world. Don’t be afraid to sing YOUR song.

Listen to the birds. They don’t hold back. They just sing. They call to each other. They may just sing for the pure joy of singing. Take a moment and listen. Listen for the birds in your area. Listen and then sing with them.

How do you feel when you hear the birds sing? Do you feel joy? How do you feel? What do you experience in your body, your mind, your heart? Breathe it in. Breathe in the song of the birds. Connect with the bird/s that are singing and join them. Sing back. How do you feel?

Start every morning singing.
Sing like the birds.

Singing takes you Beyond.

The great BEYOND is here and NOW. It is a gift of the PRESENT, the present moment. Everything that is outside in the BEYOND, is also INSIDE each of us. When we sing our unique song, we come into a Perfect Balance, both inside & out.

But wait! How is this possible? How is it possible that everything is inside of us? That is a question that I have always asked myself. The answer to the question comes to each of us in our own time and in our own unique way, but we must do the practice.


Start every day singing.

Feel your connection with mother earth and with the birds. Find your own unique song and sing it. If you hear a bird sing, sing back. Feel your connection even if they are flying by. Sing YOUR song and make your heart smile.

Guided Meditation: Lessons from Birds – Sing your song!

I invite you to listen to a guided meditation below, that includes a beautiful passage spoken by Tina Turner about singing and BEYOND. As you listen, feel your own song rising up inside of you and flowing out for all to hear.


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  • Joyce Cross

    Thank you Janet! It was just what I needed this morning when my outdoor meditation time got rained out! Lovely…Joyce

    • Janet Dobbs

      I’m so happy you enjoyed and had a special experience. Have fun always. 😉

  • Katie Dillon

    Thank you I needed to b reminded about the beautiful songs the birds sing to me quite often actually and I’ll whistle right back and they sing for me some more.Im curios though,the birds seem to be far and few between where I am not just because it’s time to fly south either been pretty quiet at daybreak for a few months now,kinda eerie ,even woke my husband up a couple of mornings with the eerie silence of daybreak ,beautiful morning they should have been singing all around not one chirp.love the birds wouldn’t want a world without them in my trees to greet me on a beautiful day.

    • Janet Dobbs

      I love that you have such a beautiful connection with the birds. They must love you as well. As far as what is going on and why you are not seeing or hearing them my response is: “ask them”! They will tell you. Sit quietly inside or out and feel your connection with them and then ask them and then sit in the quiet and connection and listen. You can listen with your heart and feel the answer. The answer may come as a sense of knowing or a feeling in your heart. You can also play a game and become a bird and experience for yourself first hand. Have fun and let me know what you discover. 😻🕊🐥🐦

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