Through the Animals’ Eyes

Through the Animals’ Eyes Animals see us, as well as all life, through different eyes. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be your dog, cat, horse, bunny, mouse or other species? [...]

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The Morning Chatter: Buck, Doe & Rudy

Buck, Doe & Rudy Rudy and I had a morning routine that consisted of the simple things of life. As soon as we came downstairs, I would unlock the door to the screened porch and we would both [...]

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The Morning Chatter: Spring

Happy Spring!!! The Morning Chatter: Spring Spring came early here in Northern Virginia this year after a crazy winter. More roller coaster weather coming for us in this area of the world as this [...]

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Lessons from Lucy

LESSONS FROM LUCY Recently I introduced you to Lucy. She said that she would share a meditation with you that will help you to become closer to your own animal companions. Lucy lives with two [...]

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