Listen to you animals during the holidays

Do you ever wonder what your animals are trying to tell you? Or if you don’t have an animal companion, have you ever looked at, or been around an animal of any kind, maybe one that is a friend of yours, and wonder what they are trying to tell you?

Animals have their own points of view about everything in life, and it’s really important for us to be able to listen to them. I want to help you listen to your animals a little bit better.

Do you have special cookies that you bake for the holidays that you don’t do any other time of year? Do you have special holiday music that you play? Know that when you’re making all these traditions, the animals notice and they’re wondering, what’s going on? Do you include them, when you’re decorating or when you’re baking cookies? Do you talk to them and invite them to be part of the tradition, or do you ignore them? Think about their point of view and smile with new eyes and wonder.

For the animals that go outside with you or they’re outside like horses are, there are usually more people around and they’re excited. The coming and going and hustling and bustling, depending on where you live, affects your animals too. So be in connection with them. Feel and pay attention to them, and be aware of their feelings during the holidays. Same as us. If you’re stressed, they might be stressed.

If you’re having parties, people coming and going from your house that don’t usually show up during the rest of the year, be aware of your animals. They may be frightened, and some don’t feel comfortable with the comings and goings. But some of them are so excited and happy with new activities.

It is so important to make sure you’re tuning in with your animals and you’re aware of them. These aret some things to think about and be aware of wherever you go, whether you’re staying home or you’re away with your animals.

Are you ready for a little tip? A little something that you can do to hear animals.

To really hear an animal, it takes all of your senses. It’s not just about hearing words. It usually comes in the form of a picture. Let’s have an experience. You need to quiet your mind, and relax your body. That really helps. Then you can receive the messages. You can receive communication or feelings. It’s so wonderful.

Click this LINK  or the photo below to experience the little guided meditation that you can do with your animal friends.

I hope you enjoyed the little meditation

In the silence, when you can get quiet, the deep messages from animals and all that is, can come to you.

It’s so important to be able to just take a moment for yourself and get quiet and connect with your animal companions. Include them. It’s so important. Always including them. You’ll notice a difference in them and in you.

You can do a very simple version of breathe in, and breathing out… feel your breath and your energy going down to your feet and into Mother Earth, and you’ll feel instantly a little bit more relaxed, grounded, and centered. It’s so easy and as simple as breathing in and breathing out. Poof! you are a little more relaxed and if you think about your animals they will “show you the way”.

Feel your heart connection with your animal companion. Remember to connect with them and you’ll feel better. You’re going to have a better day. How good is that?

Let me know what the meditation was like for you? Feel free to share in the comments.

Watch the full video by clicking below

Happy Holidays to you and all of your animals friends, today and throughout the year.

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