This Changed My Life As An Animal Communicator

Receiving communication from animals has so many layers to it.

In my beginning years, I sometimes felt I could not receive communication from animals “properly”. I came close to walking away from my wonderful clients and the humans that love them. That all changed when I read a chapter in a book. My AH HA moment from the animals.

Have you ever felt that other people can receive communication from animals but no way you can? Or maybe you feel you aren’t as good as the most well-known communicators in the field? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and you CAN hear the animals clearly.

Would you like to find out what my AH HA was?

Watch the video above to learn what I discovered about communicating with animals that changed my life.


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  • Debbie Curtis

    Thank you for your insights, I was nodding my head the whole time. I think denial is our first reaction, both clients and ourselves. You mention something like seeing words, and my first thought for a split second is, “I don’t get words”, and then I remember many times that I did get words! The first time was years ago, I was typing and the cat was needy, finally I asked her what she wanted and got M I L K as if I had typed it in my mind. This cat had never liked milk before, but I got up and got her a bit – which she drank quite greedily! But the people we read for also have denial as their first reaction as well. Me: “I see the dog enjoying lying on something with green and white stripes.” Owner: “I don’t have anything like that.” A second later: “OH – wait, he loves the green and white hammock at my Dad’s house.” ALSO: I have studied under two people for An. Comm., and I relate it to taking riding lessons, of which I had many teachers in different disciplines. I have to meld the teachings together to come up with what I think is best for how I ride, or receive communications, etc.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Hi Debbie
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I can see you nodding your head by the way. I so get it. I do the same when watching someone else. That is so interesting that you see words and letters. I was actually thinking about hearing words. Love that you are visual and things are spelled out very clearly. I always find it so interesting how each of us receive communication from another being.

      Thanks for sharing about the green stripes. Those kinds of things happen often. The client (or student) does not remember something so negates the person receiving and sharing the information from the animals but then a day, week, month later they realize the truth and have that ah ha, are you kidding me? hahaha. I remember a couple that brought their dog to be the “teacher” for a beginning animal communication workshop… one of the students said that the dog loves table scrape. The couple looked at each other and said NO WAY, we never allow that. Days later their neighbor that always took care of the dog when they were away said… ah, I give him things from the table! So fun and interesting too.

      I love your comparison to riding lessons. Different ways to get to the same goal. Doesn’t mean one is better than another. Just different. We need to find what is best for us. Ah life. So much better with animals in it. 😉

  • Debbie Curtis

    Exactly! And talking with someone else who gets animal communication is like when I had time to
    write fiction and had critique group twice a month. No one else gets it because they don’t DO
    it. I don’t see words all the time. Right now though, I’m in a mediumship class (Maureen Hancock), and Donna Eden energy medicine, and once it snows and my garden is really done, I can pay more attention to
    developing those skills. None of this is for money yet, but it’s coming. Take care!

    • Janet Dobbs

      Debbie – good for you and all you do on behalf of animals. It is true that people don’t “get it” unless they “do it”. That is the reason that I love teaching Animal Communication as well as Reiki With Animals, so people can have their own “initial experience” to see first hand how it works for them. Good luck on your journey with learning and experiencing. No need to rush the $$$ income part. It is so important to practice and delve deeper before stepping into the professional world. Getting feedback from people that you practice with is golden.

  • Debbie Curtis

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! I would like to take a Reiki with Animals class with you in the future. I just finished Let Animals Lead Reiki, and I’m trying to ‘fit it in’ with the way I’ve done
    Reiki on myself and my friends for years. It was a very good class, and the instructor is excellent at teaching it because she developed it, but I learned to begin my Reiki with a saying, “Dear Master Usui and all other available Reiki masters….etc.”, and she teaches it as more of a meditation, you just are there meditating with the animals. The animals don’t run off, they can chose to come closer or partake from a distance, which is good. But I like doing my Dear Master Usui and feeling it flow through my hands, whether my hands are on the animal or not. And then I’m not sitting still thinking about my breathing for a half hour to an hour. Normally, I chat with the friends that I give Reiki to, or they sit in a chair and t.v. is on or something and they get great healing from it. Easy peasy. So I’m at a bit of a loss with the other kind.

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