Ask Them!

Ask Them!!! “Instead of trying to figure out what animals could think and feel, experience the thrill of communicating with animals directly.”  – Penelope Smith   Sometimes it seems [...]

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Through the Animals’ Eyes

Through the Animals’ Eyes Animals see us, as well as all life, through different eyes. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be your dog, cat, horse, bunny, mouse or other species? [...]

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Rudy – Lessons From a Dumpster Kitty

Rudy Lessons From A Dumpster Kitty Survival, Healing & BEING From the moment I first met him, Rudy always had a lot to say. Little did I know just how much he would forever change our lives. [...]

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The Morning Chatter

The Morning Chatter with Rudy and friends. Animal Paradise – Communication & Healing is proud to present The Morning Chatter with Rudy and Friends. This is the very first “The [...]

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The Morning Chatter: Slug & Ant

The Morning Chatter The Slug & the Ant I think back on all the times that I felt the need to “get rid of” the slugs in the garden. Why? What did they do to me? Ok… they [...]

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