Consistency Every day can be a do-over. How good is that? Something magical has been happening to me lately, as I have been delving deeper with my meditation practices. The reason I have a [...]

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How Can I Help?

Turning fear into unconditional love. How can I help? I feel so happy and blessed when ever I am in the presence of an animal, especially my kitties, Luna and Max. I also am always honored when [...]

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The Morning Chatter

The Morning Chatter with Rudy and friends. Animal Paradise – Communication & Healing is proud to present The Morning Chatter with Rudy and Friends. This is the very first “The [...]

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Lessons From Lucy: Being Present

Lessons from Lucy Being Present Lucy was and is a great teacher of mine. As our relationship began (with both Lucy and her human) I had no idea what was in store for all of us. Relationships take [...]

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