Do you wanna feel a deeper heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection with your animal companions?

Let’s talk about heart-to-heart connection. A lot of people throw that around. “Let’s have a heart connection.”

Feel your mind. Notice your mind. It’s busy, right? Take a breath for a moment. Feel your connection with your animals and notice your mind, your busy, busy mind. And tell it, we’re going to go on a little vacation right now. Set aside all your distractions, all your worries, and be very present right here, right now.

Bring your thoughts and your mind down to your heart center.

Feel your connection in your heart and notice your mind is maybe quieting a little bit. Imagine that you have doors at the center of your heart and imagine that those doors are opening and you’re allowing your heart, your love, your unconditional love for your animal companions to flow out your doors and connect with your animals wherever they are, to their heart center and feel their heart, their heart doors opening, and that beautiful, unconditional love coming back to your heart.

That’s a short version of a heart to heart connection. Let’s take it deeper, because so many people are in the heart, which is a beautiful, beautiful place.


There’s so many things about our heart, that heart center, and so many people talk about that. But I’m going to take you guys a little deeper. It’s an energy center that’s below your belly, kind of where that gut feeling comes from or that sense of knowing. A lot of people will say it’s your original self, your true self, the center of your being, or even your soul. We’re taking our mind and bringing it down to our heart, feeling that heart connection.

Not letting go with that, we’re going to go deeper. Bring your mind and your breath and your thoughts down to your belly, about three white finger widths below your belly, this is your energy center. And feel your connection through that area with your animal companions. Now you have the heart to heart connection flowing deeper.

When you connect with your beautiful energy center, your true self, that’s a soul to soul connection. It’s deeper, it’s calmer. It’s so you connect with your whole. Just feel into that. Notice what that feels like.

I’m going to share with you a little practice that you can do with your animals. Anytime, any place to connect in this way. You can do this walking, you can do this standing. You can do this sitting with your animals. You can do this lying down with your animals. It’s just a little technique. Some people might call it a meditation, but you can do it anywhere. Put on a little music and just wherever you are, take a nice, slow breath and feel your connection with your animal companion. Slow breath in and then breathe out.

Feel your connection with your animal companions, wherever they might be. They don’t have to be right there with you. This could be dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, birds, horses, donkeys, goats, Whoever your animals are, feel your connection with them and their connection with you right now.

You might want to close your eyes or you can do a soft focus, whatever’s comfortable for you. As you breathe in, connect with your mind and allow your thoughts and your breath to come down to your heart center.

Breathe into your heart center and breathe out. Just breathe normally. And then just imagine, like I mentioned before, that you have doors at the center of your heart, that allows those doors to slowly open and feel. The love, the unconditional love that you have for your animal companions gently flowing out through your doors, your heart centered doors to your animal’s heart center, and as you breathe in, with your next breath, feel and imagine that the unconditional love is flowing from your animal’s heart and heart center into your heart.

And then breathing out. Imagine that your unconditional love is flowing from your heart center to your animal companion’s heart center, breathing in the love coming from them and their heart into your heart center. Feel this beautiful, loving, unconditional, loving energy looping from your heart to your animal and their heart and back.

dog-loveIt’s never ending. Beautiful, unconditional love. And if you have more than one animal companion, feel your connection with each one of them in this way and feel their connection with you through your heart center. And sit in that beautiful, unconditional loving place. Now on your next breath in, staying connected with your heart center, bring your attention, your breath down to that HARA center. Remember, it’s located three finger widths below your belly button and in just a. This is the center of your being.

And then when you feel complete, just take a nice, slow in breath, feeling your connection with your animal companions. When you feel ready, open your eyes, look around and smile.

That’s a way to connect with your animal companions, heart to heart and soul to soul. Practice this as often as you like, wherever you are, whatever you might be in the midst of a crazy day with too much going on. Take a nice slow breath and think about your animal companion. If they’re with you or if you’re in another location, feel that connection because you’re always connected to them. Isn’t that the best? I mean, I just love that thought.

To be connected with my animal companions , wherever I am, changes everything. The best thing you can do is practice. And the more you do it, the deeper your connection.

You can watch the meditation here below:

I would love to hear how this went for you. Please feel free to share that with me. If you’ve had an experience of any kind or if you practiced and come back later, please share that with me.

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