What To Do When Your Animal Is Sick Or Injured

Has your animal companion ever felt sick? And if they did or if they do, did you know exactly what to do to support them? It’s really important to prepare yourself and to know what to do.

It can be scary when our animal companions are not feeling well, they’re sick, or they are in the emergency room. If you aren’t prepared or you don’t know what to do, that’s even worse. When you look at your animal companion and you know something’s off, but you don’t know what, you can feel so helpless.

I’m here to help. There are a lot of things you can do.

First you know something’s wrong, but you don’t know what, or maybe you do. The first thing you do is don’t hesitate. Call your veterinarian so they can tell you what to do. Once you do that, there are things that you can do at that moment and after, but especially at that moment when we go into that panic mode, that worry.

Our animals feel us. They’re so connected to us. If we’re worried, if we’re upset, if we’re panicking or we’re scared, then they are even more so. On top of them not feeling well or having some kind of an injury, they feel your fear. And then they feel scared, which creates a cycle. You’re scared. They’re scared. You’re scared. What can you do? What can you do to help yourself and your animal companion?

Well, first you need to get a diagnosis. Find out what’s wrong. Once you know what’s wrong, then you can take care of yourself. But what about in that moment?

Okay, let’s go back to, that moment, maybe you’re rushing them to the vet. Maybe you are dealing with something in your home. What can you do to help your animal companion and you? Let’s talk about that a little bit.

I’m going to give you a technique that you can do anytime, any place, anywhere, and it will help you become more grounded, present-centered, relaxed, and peaceful as best as you can at that moment. And when you are more peaceful, more relaxed, and more grounded your animal can be as well, so you can truly be there for them at that moment. But before I share that with you I want to share some more important information and tell you a story about a wonderful client of mine, a kitty that knew what she wanted.

And as far as getting a diagnosis, there are all kinds of veterinarians. There’s regular Western medicine/allopathic medicine, but there are also veterinarians that go beyond western medicine. They’ve gone to school. Yes they are already a veterinarian, but then they choose to get more education and and specialize or add something additional to their practice. There are veterinarians that practice homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine. There are all kinds of healing modalities that veterinarians practice now that can support your animal companions.

Once you get the veterinarian’s diagnosis and some kind of treatment or protocol to help your animal companion feel better, what might the role of animal communication and reiki with animals be? What can YOU do? The best thing that you can do is be in the moment with your animal companion. Find a way to get quiet and just BE there with them.

Let’s say you’re on the way to the veterinarian, or you are already there and there’s a procedure taking place, or they’re being examined. You can be there with them. You can be there for them, and just breathe and get quiet and be present as you reassure them as best as you can. Check yourself. Always check yourself because we can just go down that spiral of worry and fear and it doesn’t do anybody any good, right?

As your animal’s companion, you can ask how he/she is feeling. What does he/she want? What do I mean? Well, here’s an example. I had a client many years ago, and she had several animals. One was a kitty cat, and she was so worried about her. So she came to me wanting to know what to do. As an animal communicator, I can share what the animal is experiencing and feeling in their physical body. The mom wanted to do what ever the animal wanted. Because her animal was very ill, and had been diagnosed with something that conventional vets couldn’t help with. She told me she was going to take her cat out of state to a university hospital for animals and have an experimental surgery.

Before she could even finish saying what she was telling me, I got “No way. No way!” I asked the kitty for details. Why?

The kitty showed me that she knew if she had this surgery, she would be on a surgical table. She pictured an operating room and she said she knew that she wasn’t going to make it and she did not want to die on the surgical table without her mom being there. She didn’t want to go in that way. She didn’t want to go through all of that, even though she understood that her mom loved her that much. She was so grateful but was very clear she did not want to go through that.

The kitty’s mom was willing to go to those lengths to help her.  I asked the kitty, what do you want? And the kitty said, I want to stay here. I want to be inside with my mom and outside in my yard. And when the time comes, that’s where I want to be when I cross the rainbow bridge.

I shared that information with the mom and also told her that her kitty said, “whatever my mom wants to do, that’s fine with me. But what I would rather do is just NOT go through all of that stuff. I’d rather just be home and spend whatever time, a lot or not, being in the place I love with my mom and my family.” And that’s exactly what happened.

The mom later came back to me and shared with me that the kitty lived for quite a while longer. Wasn’t suffering. When the time came, the kitty was surrounded in her favorite spot outside in the grass, surrounded by her family. How good is that?

It’s so important and helpful to listen to what they want. Sometimes we wonder what we received of if we are making the communication up? Let’s pretend that it’s something really positive that you receive. You might wonder, did I make that up because that’s what I want? Or was that really from them?

I have a dear friend who is also a professional animal communicator, and I will contact her and ask her to do a little check in with my fur babies if it is a situation that is emotional for me. Before the communication I do not share with her what I received from them. Nine times out of ten, she validates what I said. She received the same thing, but not always. It’s really nice to have on your animal team, someone that you trust as an animal communicator. If you are questioning what you’re receiving or are not clear, you can get some validation or confirmation, or maybe an option you didn’t think about. Ask your animal companions and listen to what they have to say.

A technique that you can do anytime, any place with yourself and with your animals whenever something happens and also when things aren’t going well is to take a breath. It’s the foundation, in my opinion, of healing. Healing yourself and others. True healing is not just physical, as in our physical body healing. We have emotions that sometimes need to be healed. We have mental things that might need some healing or at least we can quiet our busy mind. And we also have our spiritual self; our soul, our heart. There might be some things that need to be healed before this physical body can heal. The same is true with the animals.

You might have to take several slow in and out breathes to really get yourself present. Doing this will help you to think more clearly and focus so you can get the job done. Get the animal the help and support that then need first, like a veterinarian or emergency room where they can be taken care of, and while you’re waiting, you need to be breathing slowly in and out also.

Please join me in a short meditation that you can do with your animals

This is a healing technique that you can do anytime, any place for yourself but especially with your animals.

It’s so easy, but it’s so profound. This is truly the key to healing yourself and healing your animals. If you practice this every day, then when there is an emergency or your animal’s not feeling well, you can do this simple little technique. You can practice it, do it, be it, and feel the connection with your animal companions.

Know that there is something you can do when your animals aren’t feeling well to help and support you and help them too. It makes a huge difference. I promise.

I wish you the best time with your animal companions, whether it’s the best of times and they’re feeling well, or they’re not feeling themselves. Enjoy the moment with them and BE in the moment with them. Savor each other, be with each other. Enjoy each other. You’ve got this. Your animals love you with their beautiful unconditional love. You love them too. Life is so good. Celebrate each other. Celebrate your time with each other, being together with each other. It’s such a precious thing.

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