Signs of Spring

I love spring for so many reasons that I would not know how to begin to explain the joy that I have as the season begins to peek out from under old man winter. The crocus are blooming in our yard now, usually a first sign of spring, but one of my favorite events that I look forward to every February is the songs of the frog people.

The snow was finally melting on the last day of February when we saw this couple on the edge of our driveway. I hated to disturb their private moment but I just had to take their photo. I knew the party was about to begin.

The next day the temperatures were even warmer, a cloudy day but that did not stop the party goers. It was their kind of weather. These two guys were looking for friends as the party was about to begin.

These two found each other among the loud chorus that they sing as the orgy begins! I love their songs. Hundreds gather in our pool/pond for the spring ritual. The joy in their songs, the come hither looks and calls…. well it is spring after all!

So what have you been doing all winter? The water has finally thawed and here we are looking for love!
The rain comes down as the frog people begin to sing louder and louder and louder. Joy fills the air as the vibrations of their songs move all that come near. How good is life to be able to awaken from a long winters nap to come to the pond to find a few hundred of your closest friends waiting for you to join in the fun.

Alas my love we have found each other….finally.
The singing continues as everyone pairs up. The result?

Here is the beginning of what will be found all over our pool/pond. These are frog eggs. There are a few at the surface of the water. They look like bubbles of jelly. If you look closely you will see tiny black dots. That is what is at the center of each jelly egg. The black dot will turn into a tadpole.

Yes! Spring is in the air. Soon more flowers will bloom outside as these are blooming inside. Happy spring to you and yours.

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