Turning Fear Into Peace

Have you been feeling fear, anger or worry lately? That almost seems like a silly question.

Do you know that you can easily turn that feeling around and become more peaceful especially with the help of animals?

I had an ah ha moment recently that I would love to share with you.

I have had the great honor of teaching a Reiki I with Animals online program that continued for almost 2 years now. It began in mid-August (2020) with a lovely group that had registered for an in-person course that was originally to have taken place the last weekend of March.

March 2020 began the first quarantines or “lock downs” because of COVID-19 (remember how you were feeling then?) so the workshop was postponed. In April, I offered to take the workshop online but everyone wanted to wait until we could come back together in person. I “knew” that was not going to happen any time soon so I focused my energy on other things in those moments like a 21-day meditation with your animals live program.

Spring turned into summer and when August arrived I got a “message” to contact everyone that had registered for the in-person workshop and offer the course online.

To my great joy everyone said yes!

There was one issue that I shared with each of them. The course was supposed to be 6-weeks, but because of an upcoming surgery I would only be able to do 3 weeks, give them a break with lots of fun practices to do with their animals, and then whenever I was recovered enough we would resume and complete the program. The amazing group all said “YES”.

I looked forward to our weekly 90-minute zoom calls. It was the next best thing to being in person. So many wonderful animals joined us for each meeting. The group energy began to deepen and grow but, my recovery had complications causing the course to be extended and lasted 6 months!

You might be wondering what that Reiki I group has to do with turning fear into peace?


Reiki is a Japanese word that translates as Rei = spiritual & Ki = energy (spiritual energy).

Ki is the same word as Chi in Chinese. Ki/chi is the life force that flows through all living things.

Most people think of Reiki as hands-on-healing. But hands-on-healing is one of the elements of the teachings and practices of the whole system of Traditional Japanese Reiki.

The participants in the on-line Reiki I program continue to practice together, practicing various meditations and elements of the system of Reiki with themselves, family members and their own animal companions. Because of COVID-19 they have practiced virtually with their Reiki buddies and their animals. They have each been having their own unique experiences which bring up wonderful questions and discussions.

So now, I will finally share with you the ah ha’s that I had to help cope with the fear and at times chaos that has come up for most of us all over the world since COVID-19 woke us up.

Have you ever been in an animal shelter that has dogs?

If not then use your wonderful imagination.

Often there is lots of barking. Fearful dogs barking so loud that it can be hard to hear anything else. When a Reiki practitioner goes into their area and just sits or stands near one dog and begins to offer Reiki, things can change. To someone that does not know what is happening it appears that the human is just sitting or standing quietly doing nothing. What they are “doing” is offering Reiki and BEING. Being quiet and relaxed in the midst of loud noise and chaos.

What happens next?

Often the dog that is closest to the practitioner will begin to settle, sit, and eventually lay down and close his eyes. As he does, other dogs begin to do the same until the whole place is silent. No barking. Just peace and calm. It is beautiful.

Calm and peace out of fear.

The exact same thing can happen in any situation where there is fear or worry.

You can become peace in the midst of fear.

It takes practice but anyone can do this and it is even better when we practice with an animal.

This is a very simple explanation of how you can turn fear and worry into peace and calm.

I invite you to join me in a short guided meditation that you can do with your animal companion to help you experience becoming peace and letting go of worry and fear.


If you would like to experience more moments of joy and peace with your animal companion I invite you to join the 2022 animal meditation and healing group Click here for more information and to join us.


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  • Joyce Cross

    Quite lovely! Thank you.

  • Janet Dobbs

    Hi Joyce – I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. I don’t know about you but I’m so grateful to have animals in my life for so many reasons. One is the fact of the matter that they are so in the moment and love to help us become more relaxed and peaceful. Purrs from our Luna & Max coming your way 😉

  • Re

    I wish more people would deliberately and much more often consider the needs and energies and the goodness of cats. “Have You Ever Been In An Animal Shelter That Has Cats?” I often wonder how many cats needlessly die on that stainless steel table in the back, just because they are either maligned, or ignored.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Cats/kitties are so special and amazing. Yes of course I have been in an animal shelter and rescue that has cats. I feel for ALL animals (but live with kitties) and wait for the day that there is no longer a need for kill shelters. What we can do is to be a place of peace for all. Listen to them and all they have to say and teach us. Offer compassion and do our best to be better humans.

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