Hello Baby Girl!

There’s a little tiny baby deer (fawn) that has been coming to our yard for a month or so now, often showing up with a larger baby, her sister.

I feel they are the two babies that were born inside the fence of a neighbor 2 houses away this summer. One of them got out somehow and another was left behind. They are the sweetest little girls.

It has been pouring down rain for 3 days and the temps have dropped. I did not plan on going outside today until I opened the kitchen window shade and saw a baby across the street in a neighbors front yard. I felt a connection in my heart and knew it was the little baby. I had no “choice”.

Yes, the deer people have a connection to my heart and they know how to pull my heart strings.

I opened the garage and hollered “BABY”!

She looked up and came running across the street at a little gallop!

I went in the garage to get some corn to take out back, but she was right in front of me. Oh such joy to be that close.

I told her to meet me around the back of the house. She ran around the front of our house and I turned the opposite way through the gate, across the pool deck, down some steps and through another gate into the yard.

She was not in the back yard! Well, where are you?

I got a “feeling” and turned around to see that she had followed me through the gate, etc. But instead of walking down the steps, she jumped the retaining wall to get into the yard. I was amazed that “she” followed me that way.

My heart always melts when any wild ones comes near, but this little one takes things even deeper for me.

My heart always fills with total joy and awe. She has the biggest brightest eyes that allow her innocent heart to shine though. How can you not feel good?

Breakfast was served!

And then I saw the reason she did not go around the front of our house. Two female adults and her sister were there and soon joined her for breakfast.

But wait! This little “girl” is a little prince. She is a he! A beautiful little boy.

Look closely at the last 2 photos and you may be able to make out two light spots just above his eyes and the beginning of little bumps that will turn into antlers.

IT’s A BOY!!!!

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  • Dawn Anderson

    I love this story! In my yard, I’ve been watching a pair of twins and their mother, along with a much larger fawn and her mother. I have named the larger fawn Annie, after little orphan Annie, because I stopped seeing her with a doe. Annie has a thin white patch from just above her nostrils running up her nose. I keep wondering about her sex. I had no idea they would develop bumps for antlers so young. Oh, and Annie has been reunited with her mom or adopted.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Dawn I just love that you too love the deer and have a sweet connection. What a sweet name, Annie. Yes the little boys evidently develop little bumps early fall (after the summer they were born). Love that your little Annie has been reunited with her mom. Last fall there was a little female fawn that was adopted by a yearling. I called the yearling Princess and the little one “Baby”. (so original haha). You might like a little book that my husband gave me years ago called “BABY”. it is written by a woman who, along with her husband, “rescued” a new born fawn found on the side of the road. They raised this little one inside the house, letting her out as well. Baby always returned. So many lessons that the human learned from Baby. You will love it and… it is where I learned that we NEVER “rescue” a fawn. The mothers leave them for long periods of time but will return. Book info: BABY by Ellen Parham copyright 1987

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