Sometimes the mornings are quiet. The chatter needs no words or sounds. The messages and communication come in the beauty of the stillness as in the moments just before the dawning of the new day.


This morning was such a time. The temperatures were below 5 degrees F with snow on the ground from the day before. There is a quiet and a stillness in the outside world as the sun began to come through the trees.

This was my view through the window this morning as I settled to begin my Reiki practice and meditation. Can you too feel the connection to the earth and the heavens as the sun begins to let all beings know it is time for a new day? Feel your connection to the animals as they begin to arrive, say hello and continue with their day. The “chatter” is more quiet today but the communication and communion is quite clear and profound.
In the beauty and stillness may you have a moment to breathe it all in and fill your heart and soul with the love of “The Morning Chatter”.
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