The Morning Chatter: Rudy’s Deer Friends

It was a beautiful early spring morning in April. The cherry blossoms were in bloom and the early spring flowers were dancing every so daintily in the cool air. Rudy was on his porch watching over his deer friends. They often come for their breakfast of fallen birdseed and cracked corn. Last years fawn, now almost one year old now, love to play and scamper around the yard. Rudy is usually fixated on them as they greet each other with a morning hello.
As you watch and listen to this video, take a slow in and out breath and feel as if you are with Rudy observing the deer family. Feel who they are and connect with them on a deeper level. Imagine the cool spring air and feel the greenery coming alive. Listen for the songs of the various birds that are filled with such joy to have another morning to sing.
I hope you join in the conversation. The conversation of just “being”. Be in the moment and feel the communion of all nature coming to life and waking up.

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