The Morning Chatter: Flowers & Butterflies

Summer is in full swing here on the east coast of the USA. The butterfly bush provides a playground attracting many visitors. I never know who will show up. The energy is always lively and at times serious but I mostly feel light and playful.
This day there was a hummingbird moth and several different butterflies as well as a bumble bee flitting around gathering and drinking nectar. Other insects can be heard singing and chattering away, along with crows cawing, while other birds put their two cents in.

Each day we should either go outside or look out our windows for a moment to connect with some form of nature and just listen. Breathe in the natural life and energy that is all around you no matter where you live. Take a moment and feel your connection with Mother Earth through your feet on the ground or floor and relax as you watch and listen to the video below. 

It is best watched full screen with the sound turned up.
Can you hear the hummingbird moth as it buzzes by?

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