The Morning Chatter: Deer Friends

Happy New Year!!!! 

May this year bring you good health, great joy, and many blessings. May your relationships with the animals and nature deepen and grow with each moment that you experience.
This year continues with new editions of The Morning Chatter. The Morning Chatter is a series of videos that you can use for meditation and connection with the animals and all that is. Meditation is key to so many things in our lives. When we relax we open the doors for healing to take place. When we are in that open and relaxed place we are also better able to have deep connections and communications with our animal friends. The animals are great teachers of how to BE and how to live life to the fullest. It is so simple and yet profound.
I hope you continue to enjoy the Morning Chatter this year and feel free to review the past editions found on this blog as well as on the Animal Paradise You Tube channel.
This edition of the Morning Chatter features the Deer People. There is a little family that has been coming most mornings and evenings to have a meal. There is a mother and her twins, a boy and girl. They were born in a neighbors yard last summer. The mother jumped the fence and gave birth leaving the babies safely inside the fenced yard until they were old enough to jump the fence on their own.
This day they were joined by a young buck. He is not the father. Often in the evenings they are followed by a beautiful red fox. Quite interesting and delightful how they work together for the common good and survival of all.
Please enjoy my Deer Friends….

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