The Morning Chatter: Bird Messages

This edition of The Morning Chatter comes from the bird people.
Early morning sunrise and sunset is a magical time of day. The animals, especially birds, are active as they wake up, greet the day and go about the business of looking for food. There is so much more going on during this time.
I invite you to join me in meditation as you listen to the messages and conversations of the “bird people”. Can you hear the hawk calling? Oh the squirrels have much to say about that! The crows are always active as they bring the news of the world along with juicy gossip! The cardinal family often gathers in the yard, bringing a great sense of community and family.
Feel your connection to the trees…
The air….
The clouds…
The sun, as it both rises and begins to set…
Can you feel a shift inside yourself?
The Morning Chatter: Bird Messages

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