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Lesson From Fox

Even though we live in the suburbs of Washington, DC we are blessed with many wild beings. I never know who might show up from day to day. There is a fox family that used to have a den right on the edge of our property but they moved. Several different red foxes still visit our bird feeder along with deer, squirrels, chipmunks and of course birds. Early one morning I saw one was right outside the window and then poof! She was gone. Most likely hunting her breakfast.

One summer while I was out on our screened porch doing my morning meditation with Rudy on my lap, I received a message and lessons from “fox”. This message is a wonderful lesson for we humans. This is from the fox’s point of view…
  • Be alert and use all of your senses to instantly assess every moment and situation.
  • Keep moving when outside the den/home.   
  • Be quick when needed but always quickly assess the situation, especially when it comes to food. 
  • Feed yourself first and then feed your family. 
  • Work together with others for the common good of survival. (She shows me the deer family that always comes into our yard. She often appears just after they (the deer family) eat at our bird feeder and at times is right there with them. The reason she is always close to them, she shares, is they know some of the best places to find food that the humans share with the wild ones. They have an interesting collaboration and agreement.

Fox waiting for deer to invite or leave

Deer at feeder & fox by trees waiting

  • Dig in the earth. (As you are digging become the earth. Let everything else go and become obsessed with the digging…claws and paws and the feel, smell and textures.) The cave or den is home and sanctuary but so much more.
  • Go into the earth every day. 
  • Take nourishment on all levels from the mother. (Mother Earth) In summer it (the earth/den) is dark and cool, but in winter it is warmth and protection…always protection from the elements. 
  • Sleep. Deep sleep. All needed. 
  • Feel the feeling of safety and comfort. 

I am always in awe and humbled by the profound and wise lessons that animals share with we humans.

What lessons do you receive from the message from Fox?



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