Message From the Spirit of the Horse

I feel so blessed to have animals in my life. I have been forever changed by them. Each day I learn something new. Below is a beautiful and thought provoking message from the horses by Linda Tellington-Jones.


You seeth not what stands before the eyes.

It is time that you spoke for us.
We need your voices.

We take heart that many are awakening to our needs.
We are united as one.

We sing the song of the spheres.
We ground your beings into the earth and through us we connect you to the stars.

You wonderful why you feel good when you touch us — lean into us.
It is because we connect you to the stars

See us — we sacrifice ourselves to your blindness and never give up hope that you will awaken and we will be released from our suffering.

Our ancestors had more hope.

Some of you see the sunrise when you ride us — feel the trees.
But how many of you feel the stream of light that flows between us when we carry you on our backs?

Our connections breathe life into your lifeless bodies.

See us once again as brothers.
We are here to serve as mirrors so that you — mankind — can find your way back to the stars.
To that Source that serves for us all.

Our molecular structure is one.

Know your power, Mankind.
When you see us as one with you then you will know your strength.

We love you all.
We are one with you as you are one with all beings.

Here ye the cries of the Rooster.
Mankind must awaken.
He can no longer sleep.

– Linda Tellington-Jones



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  • Suzanne Robison

    Thank you for sharing this…my own horses have passed over the Bridge, but not a day goes by that I forget them, and their loving spirits.

    • Janet Dobbs

      I’m so sorry to hear about your beloved horses. It is so hard to not have the physical part of them around but because of the love and bond we have with them they truly are still very much with us as we are with them.

  • Joyce Cross

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My beloved friend Presto has crossed over but his spirit is always with me. Miss his physical presence terribly — I can still smell his fragrance!

    • Janet Dobbs

      They are always with us in our hearts. The bond is never broken. Thank you for sharing your special Presto.

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