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The Slug & the Ant

I think back on all the times that I felt the need to “get rid of” the slugs in the garden. Why? What did they do to me? Ok… they would eat the veggies that I planted and other things but did they really do that much harm? Did they deserve the various ways that I tried to “get rid” of them? NO!
In this moment I happened to be walking toward something totally unrelated to a slug when I looked down and saw this one slowly but very steadily moving across my path heading somewhere. Something “told” me to get my iPhone out and record a video. I did. In the moment I connected with the slug. What a sweet soul. Maybe you might join me for a moment and watch this video and feel the slug. Feel what it is experiencing in just BEING and living. I love the antennae and its mouth as the body just seems to float on the hard surface.
Then there is the ant that appears in the top left corner at first. I did not notice the ant until I first viewed this video. Can you “hear” or feel their communication as they notice each other. The ant is very quick and seems curious about the slug. Oh there is a very quick back and forth between them as they meet and then go their separate ways.
I hope you enjoy this very brief moment with a slug and ant and maybe your will look at them through different eyes. I know I did.

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