The Morning Chatter: Hawk & Crows

Our kitty Rudy would get me up every morning before the sun rose. I have never been a morning person until he came into our lives. One thing I love now is seeing the sun come up and hearing the birds sing their morning songs.

Looking out my window I saw a hawk sitting on a fence with a crow not too far away. Are they friends? What are they saying? Or are they just BEING in the moment? You will have to watch the video to find out.

As the morning progressed a squirrel found a tasty breakfast but when the crow people arrived the squirrel decided to dine at another bird feeder.

I love the crows. They have so much fun and their communication with each other… well you just never know what they are going to say.

I invite you to take a moment and BE with the animals as the day begins. See if you can feel their communications. What is it like to be each of them? Try your silent communication skills by just BEING with them. Who are they as a being? What gives them joy? See though their point of view or through their eyes and feel what they feel. Do they see you? How do they feel about you? If you are BEING with a bird, keep your connection with them when they fly. What is that like? Have fun!

Feel free to share any experience you might have below.

Best experience if viewed full screen!

The Morning Chatter: Hawk & Crows

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