Cats Blink I LOVE YOU

Do you know that all cats blink I LOVE YOU?


I first read about this back in 1994 in a book called The Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier. The thought captured my attention, but could it be true? ALL cats? How is that possible? I started an experiment of my own and guess what? It seems to be true! Even if you do not live with a feline you must give this a try. The experience was my first evidence that Interspecies Telepathic Communication works. It is real! I actually experienced it and it happened again and again with many kitties wherever I went.

I would love to share the steps with you so you too can give it a try.

First you need a kitty.

Next you need to make gentle eye contact. Staring will make anyone feel uneasy so just make gentle eye contact.

As soon as you make eye contact, think the word “I” with your own eyes open.

Next, think the word “LOVE” and slowly close your eyes softly.

Finally, think the word “YOU” and slowly open your eyes, keeping your eyes softly focused on the kitty’s eyes.


I   (eyes open)

LOVE   (slowly close your eyes)

YOU   (slowly open your eyes keeping your eye contact)


What happens?

Well what happened for me was this…

I blinked my eyes slowly while looking into my kitty, Sam’s eyes and thought the word I, closed my eyes and thought LOVE and slowly opened thinking YOU.

Sammy repeated what I just did, he blinked back at me in the same way. He slowly closed and opened his eyes while keeping his eyes fixed on mine.


We repeated this back and forth, I – LOVE – YOU, with each blink duration becoming slower and slower until he eventually kept his eyes closed for a long time.


I was amazed. Did that actually happen? Yes it did. I repeated it with our other kitty Katy and the same thing happened. Then I tried it with other cats and each time it happened again. Wow!


If you happen to live or work in a city you can really have a good time with this. If you see a kitty in a window, pause for a moment and blink I – LOVE – YOU and see what happens.


Check out the guided meditation below and try it with your kitty or even an imaginary kitty cat. Who knows what you might experience.

Make a special connection and always have fun!



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