Lessons From A Dumpster Kitty

Survival, Healing & BEING

From the moment I first met him, Rudy always had a lot to say. Little did I know just how much he would forever change our lives.

Rudy outside Tall Oaks Assisted Living August 2012

A skinny black and white kitty with a black scarecrow like nose appeared from behind a tall fence made of woven wooden boards right next to the dumpster of my father’s assisted living facility.

Rudy happily eating


His voice pierced through and above everything in the noisy parking lot, including large fire trucks a few yards away. He was starving and all about food, but so friendly. The couple that lived across the hall from my father’s apartment and their daughter, Laura, were leaving their apartment at the same time I was leaving Dad’s. They asked if I would like to see the kitty they have been feeding. Of course I did. Laura shook a box of dry cat food saying, “Here kitty kitty! Kitty kitty!!” He was not afraid to walk right up to the 4 of us that were so thrilled to see him. He was not afraid of beautiful Mrs Stevens in her wheelchair or Mr Stevens with his walker. He greeted everyone in the most special and sweet way giving kitty rubs and laying down with his belly fully exposed, asking for belly rubs. Clearly he was not a feral kitty.


Oh Rudy had so much to say and he continued to talk quite clearly and loudly for the rest of his life! I remember thinking to myself, “I could not live with that noise!!” It was not love at first sight for me, but little did I know the depths of the affect he would have on me and the deep connection as he captured not only has my (and our) heart, he is part of my very soul.

45 minutes after Rudy arrived… he was HOME!

Three days after the first meeting, Rudy came to live with us. His healing work began the moment he came through the door of our home. So many people told us that Rudy was a lucky boy to have been rescued from starvation and living on the streets, but Rudy saved us!

It had been 6 months since our beloved kitty Katy had died and we did not want to bring an animal companion into our stress filled home. The stress came from the challenges of human elder care and our grief from missing Katy “sunshine” as well as other situations that are just the stuff of life, but Rudy rolled with the punches and was a purr-fect match.

Rudy on my lap helping and inspiring

Rudy was our first lap cat. (Our other kitties would sit next to us but never on us.) 

Rudy’s first night home

Rudy slept in bed with us the first night he came home and his purrs were instantly healing and up lifting. It must have felt like the best dream to him, after who knows how long sleeping in the wild of the suburbs. He even survived a horrible derecho storm that summer.

Rudy loves HIS porch

Every morning Rudy woke me up to go outside on the porch to greet the day and meditate. Of course getting up that early is always about food. We felt he would never loose the fear of starvation, but that life was forever in his past. 

He often purred and chattered at the birds and other critters that came and went from our yard. When the weather was cold he would bring me to his favorite chair, right next to the windows, that gave him a perfect view of his outdoor kingdom.

Rudy was diagnosed with a rare cancer on January 16, 2017. We were told there is no cure and at best we had weeks. What? How can this be? But Rudy seemed to have other ideas.


Every day he would remind me to BE in the moment.
Another lesson from him is: Problem? Not a problem! 

Shortly after he was home from the ER after his diagnosis of cancer, Rudy told a dear animal communicator friend and colleague of mine that, “It is NOT a PROBLEM”. Cancer is NOT a PROBLEM! He also said that we were to remember his point of view, that he is living and being in the moment.

How does one “BE” in the moment when we are afraid of what might be or what could happen? The answer to that question is simple and yet has many layers. The animals all know the answer. But please read on for more from Rudy.

Rudy taught me lessons every day and moment that he had been with us. This is one example…

Do try to always remember that words can have “power” if we allow them to. The word CANCER. Cancer that has no cure. Weeks to months! How is this possible? But Rudy lived lessons of living and being in the present moment. He taught us to Trust. Trust our feelings and our gut. Gather information. Gather the medical team. Listen to Rudy. Often he reminded us to look at him. What do we see? We saw a healthy, happy kitty. No one would guess he had cancer unless we told them. He was clear that we must always ask him if we begin to doubt.

Rudy lived another 6 months. The doctors could not believe it. Rudy was and is our miracle and great teacher.

Rudy purrs into the microphone

Rudy always made it clear that he wanted his “voice” to be heard. I told him I would try to do my best to honor his request an find a venue that would best serve him to make that possible.

He because the “spokesman” for Animal Paradise – Communication & Healing. He has a Face Book page called, “Healing Spirit Purrs From Rudy”. (link below)

What’s next? 

There are limitless possibilities, Rudy says. I have a feeling he will continue to inspire and encourage me to share his teachings, thoughts and wisdom here in the Animal Paradise Blog as well as many other venues. That was my “feeling” as he was living his last months of life. Now and moving forward I will do my best to bring his teachings and lessons into all of the workshops and courses I teach. His lived his truth. Anyone that met him was profoundly affected by him.

Rudy truly knew how to live in every moment and one moment at a time especially when he was living outside alone and starving. He survived and despite his harsh life he was filled with joy and love. Every moment he lived with us was filled with gratitude for the gift of the moment. He was so deeply connected to not only Mother Eearth but to the great All That Is. There is a star in the lynx constellation named Rudy Dobbs that is watching over all of us shining his healing purrs for all to receive. 

As you go about your daily life remember to take a moment, or more, and BE. Breathe it all in for a moment and FEEL. As you do this, FEEL the healing spirit purrs that come from Rudy to you.

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