What Animals Want Us To Know About Autumn



Fall is in the air. I cannot believe that it is October, but here we are! This week I was out and about and I could feel a change in the air.

Have you noticed it as well? This change is much more than the tree leaves beginning to change or pumpkins arriving at markets and stores, but a change in the animals and humans.



I arrived at one of my appointments, and the dog that is always in the waiting room got up from his very comfortable bed and came up to me, bright eyes and tail wagging. We have a long tradition of puppy massage when I arrive for my appointment. Soon he was presenting his belly, signaling the beginning of what turned into a long, happy puppy massage session. That continued until he clearly let me know he was done. He does that by rolling over, getting up and walking into the office. Together we all said, “He’s done!”

He used to do that every time I arrived (he is the very best welcoming committee), but for the past 3-4 months he has not gotten out of his bed to play the part of the greeter. I felt it was interesting that he seemed to be ‘back’, so I asked him what was different. He looked at me as if to say, “Are you serious? Can’t you feel it in the air?”



When I got home, Luna & Max (our 1 year old kitties) could not wait to get outside on their screened porch. The past 2+ months I have been concerned, because they seemed to have lost interest in the outdoors via the porch, but that has evidently changed. I opened the porch door and zoom; they could not get out fast enough.

They were acting like crazy little monkeys, running back and forth the full length of the porch, chasing chipmunks that were playing as if they were Chip & Dale from the cartoon show. (Both Luna & Max and the chipmunks!) The energy was so high and I could feel their joy, the joy of the chase. They had to settle for fake stuffed mice and toy balls for their captured prize.



I had hoped that being outside on the porch would help inspire me as I was trying to figure out what I could write about for this blog post. I have been totally blocked for a couple of weeks now. I am not a writer. I have no formal training as a writer, except for a wonderful online animal Reiki writing workshop taught by the wonderful Kathleen Prasad that I took many years ago. I am always in awe of good writers. (You know who you are!)



I decided to ask Luna, Max and of course Rudy, for suggestions.

What, if anything, do you want humans to know about autumn?

I wanted to know from their point of view as a non-human, what they want us to understand.

This is what I received from them.

Feel your feet on the ground.


We have 4 paws on the ground. You should try it!

Take time to relax.




We only have this moment.

Breathe it all in.

Isn’t it yummy? (Actually, they purred! Yummy is my translation of their purrs in that moment. It felt “yummy” to me.)



Be still like a cat.

Relax your mind but stay alert always.


(They showed me how their ears can move and go in different directions at the same time. So, a kind of surround sound without having to move your head from side to side).


Notice how things are changing.

Notice everything.

Notice how your body feels with the change of the season.

Notice how your emotions feel.

It’s ok to feel. We highly recommend it. That is life and life experience. Feel life fully.


Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Allow your true self to come out.

We see YOU.

Let the world see you.

You show us your true self as we do you.

Carry that truth with you always and BE you!



Jump in a pile of leaves.

We love playing with the fallen leaves.

They smell so good and the sound they make as we run or walk through them sparks something inside of us that makes us want to play even more.

Come play with us.



If you are walking your dog, don’t be talking on your cell phone or reading something. (They show me that they observe humans and dogs walking by on the street at all times of the day.)

Be fully present with your dog.

Notice what they are doing and smelling.

What catches their attention?

Enjoy the time together, even if it is only 5 minutes.

Look through their eyes and see the world from a different perspective.

What do you discover?



Notice the trees.

Do you know what kind of tree it is?

Maybe take a photo and look it up.

Learn something new.

Make a new connection with any tree.

Say “hi” to the tree.

Do you hear/feel a hello back?



Notice the fall flowers.

Does one attract you?

Go say hello.



Maybe you drive to and from work.

(Luna, Max & Rudy never went in the car to the workplace, but each of them experienced how we felt when we left and the energy that returned. Usually not the same at all. They seem to want to help.)

What do you notice as you drive in your room on wheels?

Do you see trees?

If so are their leaves changing colors right now? If so, notice how they change each day going to work and returning home.



Find a way to connect with nature.

Go outside if you can.



If you are not able to go outside look out a window.



If you do not have a window then look at a photo of a tree or an animal in a fall scene.

I thanked them all for sharing some of what they want humans to know about autumn.

They replied that there is so much more to share about the changes that take place in the autumn season including beings that migrate (including humans), beings that hibernate, beings that gather, beings that put on thick winter coats and more. They said that is for another time and they have much to say and teach us.



I found it fascinating just how much our kittens actually notice about us in our day-to-day life. The depth of their love for us, and how much they want to help and support us on every level of life is such a gift. If you have a question about your animal companions and friends just ask them. Who better to let you know what they are feeling or thinking then straight from the horse’s (dog, cat, bird, mouse) mouth!


Ask your animal friends what they might want you to know about autumn and see what they have to say. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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  • Virginia

    I love your writing. As I read your blog, I felt myself connecting with you and my world. Thank you.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Thank you Virginia. We are all connected to each other and the animals help us in so many ways. Ah the beautiful heart-to-heart connection. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    I enjoy your weekly posts. Rudy’s recent suggestion about keeping all feet on the ground really enhanced my communications with my fur family. I had really underestimated the benefit of being grounded to Mother Nature. Another interesting observation is that my psychic energy seems to get a boost when I connect with other like minded individuals which seems to occur when reading your weekly updates – sort of like a battery getting an extra charge boost. Thank you for sharing.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Animals have so much to teach us if we just take a moment and listen. Being connected to the Earth energy is key to all energy work. I’m so happy that you have such a beautiful discovery. I love what you said about getting our “battery” charged. That’s a perfect way to describe what happens to us when we become more grounded.

  • Ron J. Cox

    Thank you for the reminder of how we learn from our wonderful animal friends.

  • Joyce Cross

    Lovely suggestions for this, my favorite time of year!

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