Through the Animals’ Eyes

Animals see us, as well as all life, through different eyes. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be your dog, cat, horse, bunny, mouse or other species? Have you ever wanted to know why they behave in a certain way? I know I have!

Did you know that animals often wonder why we behave as we do? How can we understand each other better?

As a professional animal communicator, I have had the great honor of working with all kinds of animals, as well as, humans. More often than not the human comes to me wanting to know why their animal companion is behaving in a certain way and how to stop or change the behavior. In cases like this, an animal communicator not only is a translator, but he/she can become a negotiator or peace maker.

What exactly does that mean?

Animal communicators must be good listeners with no judgments of what the human or animal has to say. We just report the facts or information that is given to and by both the animal and human. Often a compromise can be reached restoring peace in the kingdom, a peace that both can live with.

Animals often have their own point of view of a situation as well as a strong opinion of how a situation can best be dealt with. Often we humans do not consider that there might be a different way and reason that an animal behaves as they do.

Each animal is an individual with his or her own unique perspective of the world.

How do you feel when someone listens to what you have to say about a situation and gives you his or her undivided attention? Usually we feel good and we feel that we matter. Animals can feel the same way.

What can you learn from taking a step back and taking a look at your relationship with your animal friend?

What are they reflecting? Do they bring out the very best in you? And you them? Maybe you are having a bad day and they get on your nerves, or you have a bad day and they make you feel better.

What does your animal companion see and feel about you? They have such deep unconditional love for you. Can you feel it? Do they bring out the very best in you?

Have you ever taken a moment to look at yourself through their eyes? What do you look like and sound like to them? Do you have unconditional compassion for yourself?

I invite you to take a little journey with your animal friend and me to see for yourself what your animal companion sees and experiences when they are with you. This is going to be so much fun. Do you feel the invitation? They are waiting.

Please join me and listen to this guided meditation and see yourself through your animal’s eyes.



I hope you enjoyed the journey with your animal friend/s as you connected with each other heart to heart and soul to soul.

Animals create a safe place where we can easily let our walls down. This is how they see us for who we truly are. That is the you that they see and love.

I would love to hear what you may experience as you look at life and yourself through your animal companion’s eyes.


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  • Monica

    Thank you for a wonderful meditation with Wulfie (my cat)! So relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂

    • Janet Dobbs

      The kitties are the kings and queens of meditation. I’m so happy that Wulfie & you had a special time together.

  • Joanne

    Enjoyed the meditation. My cat, Mr Mimz, walked all over me during the meditation and meowed to me.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Joanne – I can just see your Mr. Mimz as you were meditating. How wonderful and he clearly had much to say as well. 😉

  • Joanne Warman

    I just did your meditation and had a truly lovely connection with my dog ,Holly. As I sat with my eyes closed thinking of how she saw me and felt about me I felt a nudge on my knee and there was Holly. So sweet! She had been lying asleep in another room. It was very special and heartwarming. Thank you so much for these very special meditations with our animals!!!!

    • Janet Dobbs

      That is such a special connection and experience with Holly, Joanne. Thank you for sharing such a special moment.

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