Buck, Doe & Rudy

Rudy and I had a morning routine that consisted of the simple things of life. As soon as we came downstairs, I would unlock the door to the screened porch and we would both go out and greet the day. Before breakfast I usually go out and fill the bird feeders and check to see who is visiting or maybe even spent the night in our yard or close by.

This particular morning Rudy was watching me from the porch as his friendly deer friends (brother and sister) came bounding from the wooded area at the back and side of our yard. I have known them since they were spotted wee little fawns. As babies I called them Prince Charming and The Princess. Now Charming is quite the “king” and man about town and his sister, still the Princess, remains near by him most of the time. That week Charming had shed his antler velvet and for the first time his antlers were in all their glory.

I invite you to watch this short video and feel the fun that Rudy and I had most mornings as we were greeted by our deer friends. What does your connection with each being feel like to you? Have fun and smile!


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