How Cats Meditate

Meditation is the foundation for both Animal Communication and Reiki, but what does that mean exactly?

What does a good meditation practice look like?

When I first began learning and practicing interspecies telepathic communication, I did not have a regular meditation practice. The only thing that I knew about meditation was someone sitting cross-legged chanting… Om. I could not see myself doing that, at least not for a sustainable practice.

As time went on, I decided to ask the animals how they meditate.

Have you ever noticed that many animals actually seem to meditate?

Felines seem to be the kings and queens of meditation. All you have to do is observe them and you will see, but how do they do this or what do they do? One day it occurred to me to just ask them.

It was a chilly morning, the first freeze of the season and my kitty, Rudy was on my lap acting like a warm heating pad as I got ready to do my morning meditation. The moment I was going to begin the meditation, I had the thought or feeling come into my mind that led me to ask Rudy how it is that cats and all felines seem to be able to go into deep meditation while staying very alert and present.

He immediately shifted his body in my lap and placed all four of his paws/feet on my lower belly or my hara energy center (located about 3 finger widths below the bellybutton and in toward the center of the body).

That part of his message was crystal clear to me…

Keep your feet on the ground and be fully connected to earth energy.

He actually shared that it is much more powerful to have all 4 feet on the ground!

At that moment, the bottoms of my feet became very warm along with both of my hands.


Luna meditating

The answer to my question about how kitties are able to stay alert while in what appears to be very deep meditation was easily experienced, but more difficult to put into words. The best I can say is, the feeling seemed similar what you feel just before you fall asleep. It is a very relaxed feeling while at the same time allowing one to be fully aware and present.


Rudy physically showed me his ears through his point of view.

Imagine this for yourself…

Become a kitty.

Now feel your ears.

They are no longer on the side of your head, but on top and you can move them in different directions to fine tune the sound.

Rudy’s ears were up, allowing him to be completely aware of what was taking place around him in all directions. His body was fully relaxed, his mind was quiet, but he was fully present and alert. He was NOT off in dreamland, but fully present, just breathing in and out, connected with the earth and his surroundings.

The lesson from Rudy as to how felines are able to be fully present while in a meditative state is to have all feet on the ground and to keep your ears open. 

Give it a try and don’t forget to breathe!


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