The Reiki Precepts From an Animal’s Point of View:
Do Not Worry

I feel The Babies calling me. It is time for another distant Reiki session with them. They somehow know it is time for a session before I do.

Lucy Juan Nino

The Babies are a family of german shepherds that I have worked with several times a week since they were born. We know each other very well. Their human parents both practice Reiki along with other energy practices like meditation and yoga. Each of the Babies know these human practices as a natural part of everyday life.

I always say “hello” to them before our distant Reiki session begins and I ask them if they have anything they would like to talk about before we begin. They know that the time before and after our healing session is the time to talk. No “talking” during Reiki. That’s a time to relax and BE.

As I checked in with each of them individually, I had a feeling there was something that was a bit off. I asked them if there was a particular Reiki Precept that they would like to work with in this moment. I waited for their response.

The Reiki Precepts are the foundation for the system of Reiki, a traditional Japanese system of energy healing.

For today only
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be true to your way and your being
Be compassionate to yourself and others

I felt them ask me to say them out loud. They have heard the Precepts many times, but I was happy to share them again.

As I did, I felt each of The Babies connecting to the energy of the words. It was as if they were trying on new shoes or testing a new bed.

They unanimously agreed that “Do Not Worry – Fear is Distraction” was what was needed for their family in that moment.

Being in the energy of the words, Do Not Worry, we began the healing session. When it was complete, each of the Babies said they had some questions about humans and some statements that they would like to share.

Each of them shared that they feel the humans that they live with worry too much and they wanted to know why.

The female of the group, Luzmi, shared that she did not understand why the humans that are in their life often worry too much about something that never happens.

The dogs feel the fear and this fear from each human makes them fearful and worried as well.

Luzmi said that she feels that humans really should try to relax more and just BE in the moment. Play more. I felt each of the Babies offering an invitation to all of the humans in their “family” to come and BE with them and they would show them how. The would be happy to show the humans in their life how to let go of some of the worries and fears from the stuff of human life.

One of the boys said that some of the humans in their lives seem to always be distracted by something. In their distraction they cannot “see” the truth that is right in front of them. Why can’t they see the truth? Why are they so worried and afraid, they asked me?

Another of the boys asked why most humans seem to be afraid to be quiet for a moment. Why can’t they just BE and BE still? He actually answers the question by saying that in his observation, many humans seem to fear their true feelings. They seem to have forgotten who they really are. Humans seem to be so caught up in things and stuff that do not really matter in the bigger picture of life.

Why? What are humans searching for? Something they can’t find? “We will be happy to help them find it,” The Babies replied. We are good at searching and finding things.

As a group, they showed me what it feels like to them when they are around a human that is not being truthful. The human is feeling fearful and/or worried. Nino, one of the boys, shows me that the emotion (fear or worry) is so strong coming from the human that the only way he knows to make it stop is to bite them! He shows me if he had hands he would touch the person with deep compassion. His mouth is the closest thing he has to a hand, so the only way to touch or grab someone is to use his mouth!

I tell them that they are so wise and that I do not know the full answer to their question, why are humans so afraid? I ask them if they can help, and if they might have a lesson or thought to help support a human that is worried or afraid.

As a group they ask me to share an invitation from them, to join them in their healing place.

Join us in our place of healing and there you may find the answers that you are seeking.

Come and BE with us.
Drop your walls.
Trust us.
We will keep you safe and protect you.
We will help and support always.
Healing takes place on many levels.
Come to us and we will quench your thirst.
We will keep you safe.
Let go of your worries.
Rest with us for a while.
Heal with us.
LOVE is the key.

Thank you Babies…

This experience and lesson with The Babies taught me so many things. Many of our animal companions want to help us in many different ways.

Allow your animal friends to distract you from your worries and take time to BE with them and play with them.

The Babies assure us that if we begin to do this we will notice that we are less worried. And when we are less worried, they too are less worried.

How good is that?

We invite you to join us in our healing place where you can leave your worries behind.


I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts about how your animal companions support you each day as well as your experience listening to the guided meditation. Do you feel less worried?


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