Why Can’t I “Hear” The Animals?

There is always so much excitement and anticipation when an animal communication workshop begins. I feel that anyone that shows up for an animal workshop loves animals with everything in their heart and they want to be able to better understand their own animals as well as others. In that great joy and excitement, one can also put pressure on themselves.

What if nothing happens?

“I didn’t get anything! They don’t want to talk to me”, is a response that I receive from some students during every workshop. The emotion behind the words is heart felt. But why would this happen if it is true that everyone is born with the ability to communicate telepathically with an animal?

I was one of those students back in the early 90’s. I arrived at my first animal communication workshop feeling that everyone else could receive clear communication except me! So, why does that happen and is it true? Did the animal really not want to communicate with the student? Ninety nine percent of the time that is not the case.

Before and during a workshop, I always communicate with each of the animal teachers and ask if they would like to be a teacher that day. I ask their permission. If they say no, I respect them and only work with an animal that says yes. Saying YES, the animal agrees to be open and share information with the students. If that is the case, then the animal IS giving information.

So, what is going on when someone feels they did not receive anything?

Meet the Judge (photo above). He attends all of my workshops. His purpose is to remind us that we humans judge ourselves too harshly. Lighten up! Laugh. Sometimes students will hold him in their hands. Other times they will toss the Judge back and forth as they begin to see just how much we each judge ourselves.

The Judge reminds us to trust ourselves. Have fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously! After all, the Judge IS a wise owl.

Quite often we want to hear what an animal is saying so bad, we block anything from flowing in. This is a form of performance anxiety. The emotion is so strong inside of us that we block anything from easily flowing in or out other than the fear of not being able to “do it”.

horse student

I have witnessed many times a student’s reaction when they are asking an animal questions and the animal moves away from them. Maybe the animal needed to get a drink of water or eat something or maybe they just needed a little space. But what do many humans do? Our egos take over and tell us that the animal does not like us! We might feel rejected. The animal does not want to talk to us!

So, what happens next? The student walks away from the animal declaring that the animal did not want to talk to them.

During the feedback portion of a workshop, I check in with the animal to see what they experienced and they often have questions like, “Why did the student leave? I gave her the answer and I was waiting for more, but she just walked away and did not even say thank you or goodbye! What did I do wrong? Why are humans like that?”

What can the student do?

The easy answer is, PRACTICE! Go back to that animal and ask a question again, but this time do not leave. Be with the animal in the silence. It might feel uncomfortable to just be in the silence, but that is the key.

BE in the silence. Just breathing. Being together. Getting to know each other.

Practice is the best way to get better at anything. Consistent practice. With consistent practice, you will begin to discover how you receive telepathic communication. You might not hear words. You might have a sense of knowing. You just “know” the animal is feeling something. Even if you feel you “can’t hear them,” you can simply enjoy the moment and time that you have being with them.

Did you know that BEING in the silence with another being is the deepest form of communication? No words. Ah! Now you “hear” them perfectly.

I invite you to listen to the guided meditation below and experience simply BEING with an animal.

Be Open. Be in the silence together. Listen to the silence together. Relax and have fun.


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