The Morning Chatter: Summer, Butterflies & Flowers

Summer is HOT! Summer also brings magic in the form of nature and all that is.

Summer flowers are calling.

Look at me! Smell me! Find joy in my beauty!

Flowers call the butterflies and other flying creatures. Their fragrance wafts out from them in all directions in the heavy summer air, just calling to come share their beauty and enjoy their fragrance.

Flowers live their lives offering unconditional beauty and love, as they provide food for many different beings.

Ah… the sweet nectar of the flower goddesses.

The butterflies flit and fly from flower to flower and find great joy in each moment.

I love the butterflies. They seem magical in their life cycles from egg to caterpillar to their transformation in a cocoon and emerging in all their glory to take flight.

Oh… to be able to fly!

They are delicate, sensitive and at times they can seem magical to we humans. They can be messengers. They have shown up in my life right after someone special in my life has died.

The messages they bring seem to let me know that the person or animal companion is all right and always connected, just in a different way now.

Have you ever “petted” the aura of a butterfly?

If you have not, give it a try sometime.

Petting a butterfly’s aura teaches great lessons. You must be fully grounded and relaxed. The slightest sudden movement or even a thought will send them away, but if you can get really still, breathe slowly and make gentle ballerina-like movements through the air with your hand you CAN pet a butterfly’s aura.

The practice of petting a butterfly’s aura will help you learn how to BE when you “pet” your own animal companion’s aura. It is very healing for both you and the animal.

Watch this new addition to THE MORNING CHATTER called “Summer, Butterflies & Flowers” and feel your connection with them.

Please join me in this short, guided meditation and personal experience petting a butterfly’s aura.

This practice can also be done with your own animal companions no matter what their species.

It is so much fun, I’m sure it will make you giggle! 😉


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  • Gloria G Watson

    Love this, Janet! Love what you are saying and doing Daily. You bring sweetness, joy, and peace….Thank you!

  • Janet Dobbs

    Thanks so much Gail. You always find the joy and beauty in life.

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