How to Deal With Distractions: Lessons From a Tree Frog

I’m sitting at my computer beginning to write about being distracted during meditation practice, Reiki practice or an animal communication session, when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I was distracted! All of my attention turned away from my writing and toward the movement.

You have got to be kidding me!

I turned my head to the left looking out the window for a moment to see what the movement was. At first, I didn’t see anything, but then, I noticed something very tiny and dark on the outside bottom of the storm window.

Next thing I know, there is a little dark eye looking at me as I’m looking at him.

My office is on the 2nd floor and usually only the occasional bird will show up and hop on the ledge and peek in the window at me. This distraction now had my full attention! I grabbed my cell phone and turned the camera on just in case. I had to stand up from my chair to get a closer look. What the heck?

Now 2 eyes and little fingers with little tiny suction cups were beginning to appear on the clear part of the window pane. My heart was filled with joy and wonder as more and more of his little body was revealed.

A tree frog!

I followed him up the window and onto the screen of the upper part of the window where he eventually hopped onto the bricks of the house and disappeared from my view.

What a wonderful distraction, but back to my focus… or was that possible?

What can we do when we are distracted during a meditation or even our day-to-day living?

Everyday modern life is filled with constant distractions. Outside distractions. Distractions in our environment both inside our homes or other buildings as well as outside play a big role in most moments of our lives.

What about distractions in our busy chattering mind when we are trying to get quiet and focus with our own meditation practice or a practice that includes getting quiet with animals? So many distractions. How can we become less distracted and more present and focused?

Here are a few tips that might help you whenever you are distracted.

  • What distracted you? Notice what distracted you.
  • Notice if you get angry with yourself or angry at the distraction and be gentle with yourself. You might try saying to yourself, “that’s interesting”, and then bring your attention back to your breath and your practice.
  • Do not worry no matter how distracted you become. Maybe a dog barks or your child comes into the room and asks you a question. Major distractions, but you can easily and gently bring yourself back to your breathing and reconnect to your practice.
  • If possible take a slow in and out breath. Bring your focus back to your breathing. Relax and settle. Let the distraction float by as if it is a leaf floating by in a gentle stream.
  • Feel your feet on the ground and your connection with mother earth.
  • Live in the moment and be fully present, distractions will become less and less.
  • Develop a daily meditation practice. This will help quiet your mind and you will be able to let a distraction go much faster.

The more you practice meditating with your animal friends the easier it is to quiet your mind from all of our thoughts and distractions.

Practice every day. You certainly have 5 minutes you can spend just for yourself no matter where you are.

Take a lesson from the little tree frog if you become distracted. Imagine you have little suction cups on your feet that allow you to be fully and safely connected to the earth. If you are walking, your suction cups give you sure footing and if you are distracted they can help keep you balanced in your body and your mind.

As you practice a little bit every day, you will be better able to ground yourself, connect to earth energy and connect to your authentic wisdom that is inside of you as you deepen your connection with your animal friends and all that is.

Enjoy this little guided meditation. It’s a wonderful “distraction”!



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