Animals, Halloween and The Day of The Dead

The last week of October always has such a special feel to it. Fall is usually in full swing with falling leaves, pumpkin flavors of everything, costumes, parties, trick or treaters… well, you know, apples, hayrides, pumpkins…. Oh my!



How do animals feel about all of the changes and festivities?

You can always ask them. They will be happy to share what they are feeling and experiencing.

Most animal “people” know, but I would like to remind everyone to make sure to keep kitties, especially black kitties, safe during Halloween week by keeping them inside especially if they are outdoor kitties.


Here are a few more helpful tips to keep you animals safe this Halloween week.



If you have little “goblins” and “angels” that come to your door for trick or treat, please be aware of your dogs and cats so they don’t accidentally get out when you open the door. You might want to keep them in a special room or space.

It doesn’t take much for them to get “spooked” and run out and get lost.

Another thing to remember is some animals love candy, especially chocolate so make sure they are not able to get into your Halloween “treats”. Chocolate can be deadly to dogs and cats. Not always, but why take a chance.


Do your animal companions dress up for Halloween?



Some animals actually love special things to wear while others, dressing up in a costume is a “trick” and frightening. The key is to listen to your animal companion and never force them.


The day after Halloween begins a lovely tradition called The Day of The Dead.


I did not know what that was until several years ago. I was invited to someone’s home where they celebrate this lovely tradition. It was so beautiful and life changing for me.

Before I arrived, I thought it was kind of scary and creepy to see all of the brightly colored skeletons, but I did not know the meaning. Isn’t that true of so many things in life?


I was told to bring a photo of a “departed” loved one for the alter along with the departed persons favorite flowers, favorite food and some other things. After everyone arrived, we went outside and sat around a table and were we were told about the meaning of the tradition.

What I remember being told is our loved ones return during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Next, we were instructed to one at a time say the name of a person that we wanted to remember and share a story about them. I believe we might have even said a prayer for them.

It was just a beautiful connection and remembering.

When this part of the service or ceremony was complete, we went inside and looked at the photos of our loved ones, shared more stories about them, and then there was a feast of favorite foods of our loved ones that have gone before us.

I would love to do the same with our departed animal friends on this year’s celebration of the Day of the Dead (Nov 1-3).

Why not celebrate the lives of the animals that have meant so much to us?

Gather a favorite photo of each animal that is now in Spirit. Maybe instead of a favorite flower (because they might not have a favorite) think of their favorite toy and of course you can remember their favorite food or maybe a food they were not allowed to have, but would have loved.

Write or say out loud a favorite memory of them. Maybe something that they would do that made you smile. Feel your connection with them in the moment. Then have a little feast to continue the connection and celebration of your lives together and feel your heart smile.


I invite you to join me in a short little guided meditation and connect with one or more of your animal friends that have crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge.


Feel free to share your experience with me below. Who showed up for you? Did they have a message for you?


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