Opening to Joy & Letting Go of Fear

Spring is a time of hope and new beginnings. We need to try to keep that in mind as we do our best to navigate the unknown waters of the current world pandemic. It is important to stay in balance in all aspects of our lives.

It is a fact that when we worry, afraid or fearful, we are stressed. Those emotions take a toll on our bodies both physically and emotionally. When we are worried we can’t sleep and our immune systems weaken.

I’m here to tell you that there is something that you can do right now and every day! Meditate with your animal companions. Spend time with them and play. Just BE with them and feel your connection. If you do this as often as possible you will feel much better.

I just created a special meditation that you can share with your animal companions to experience the spring season and feel closer to your animal companions and all life. It is located below.



I hope you enjoyed the meditation.

I would love to hear about your experience.



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  • Judy Harris

    Thank you Janet. It was beautiful! I really needed that. Stay safe my friend.

    • Janet Dobbs

      So happy to hear from you Judy. I needed it too!! You stay safe as well. Much love and gentle hugs coming your way.

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