The Morning Chatter: Deer Friends sunrise

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? Can you smell it?

(Just use your imagination if it is not spring!)

I could not sleep for some reason this spring morning, so I got up before the sunrise.

I do love that time of day. Everything is still. Quieter. Peaceful.

The eastern sky often has beautiful colors just before the sun begins to peek above the horizon. An early bird might be singing.

I walked to our back windows and saw 2 little deer.

Most likely sisters born last summer. I noticed the bird feeder was empty and there was no seed on the ground. That will not do!

The deer people have come to expect birdseed. Oh yes, they have! They tell me it tastes just like candy! Who am I to deny them?

I went out to our screened porch, where we keep birdseed in a tight container and choose the kind they were asking for. I carried the full bag into the house and then out through the garage. I turned the corner of the screened porch and saw that the little girls were still there and then…

Evidently the word spread fast!

At first 2 more deer appeared, then 6 and eventually 8! I stood there for a moment connecting with each of them individually and then as a group.

I asked their permission to come into the yard. I instantly felt a YES!

As I walked toward the bird feeder, carrying the brand-new bag of birdseed, some of the braver little ones came really close.

I had to ask them to please back up so I could fill the feeder and then place some for them on the ground.

They backed up for a moment, and some of the youngsters scampered like little excited goofballs. I could not help but crack up and laugh out loud.

The sun was rising higher but still blocked by the house directly behind us.

They did not seem to be frightened by our noisy heat pump that was chugging away trying to heat our house up on this chilly morning. Airplanes from Dulles International Airport began to take off and fly overhead from time to time. I guess they have adapted to the noise from the low flying planes.

A flock of Canada Geese were calling out above the sound of the airplanes but were not close enough to see.

Other birds began to sing and sing and sing. They must have been singing the sun to rise.

I invite you to join me for a few moments to BE with the deer family. Yes, I really was that close to them.

*Do stick around until the end of the video, where the 2 little girls stay behind as the rest of the herd moved on and we greeted the sunrise together.

Please enjoy this edition of the Morning Chatter: Deer Friends @ Sunrise.

Having trouble viewing the video Click HERE to view on You Tube

I hope you enjoyed meeting and spending a little time with each of our neighborhood wild ones. I would love to hear your impressions and experience. Feel free to leave a comment below.



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