Becoming a clear “channel”


I was having a lovely meditation with my kitties, Luna & Max the other morning when all of a sudden, my mind became distracted as a strong thought came front and center like a flashing neon light. The Reiki Precepts came to the rescue by reminding me not to worry and not to get angry, because I was distracted by that thought, and to have compassion for myself and my distracted mind!

Breathe in and breathe out…


I did notice the thought that came, watched and listened for a moment, and then let it pass by like a puffy cloud high in the sky.

What was so important that it could not and would not wait for me to finish my peaceful meditation time?

It was a lesson and a deeper explanation of the importance of being a clear “channel” when practicing Interspecies Telepathic Communication and/or Reiki.

You might ask what that means exactly, a clear channel.

The puffy cloud that interrupted my lovely peaceful meditation showed me a slightly different explanation of how both modalities (AC & Reiki) work.

If you have read my blog post called “What is Animal Communication & How Does It Work?”,  you will know that I use the example of a broadcast analog TV or radio transmitter as the “sender” and an analog radio or TV set as the “receiver”. You get the idea.

The “puffy cloud” reminded me of the days when I was the engineer on duty that read the meters of the TV transmitter every hour. Each radio and TV station are assigned a specific frequency by the FCC. The signal must stay within this frequency or it will bleed over or interfere with another station. What could (and did at times) happen is two different TV stations could be seen ghosting over each other on the same channel. The bottom line is, that is not good! (Don’t you love my technical talk?!)

My job as the TV engineer on duty was to check the signal, and if it drifted too far one way, I would tap a switch to calibrate and bring the signal back inside of its proper frequency.

All living beings have their own unique energetic frequency.


I find it hard to comprehend that there are billions of humans on this planet and each of us has a unique set of fingerprints. We each transmit on a specific and unique energetic frequency.  Practicing meditations and other spiritual type practices have a similar effect, kind of like calibrating a TV transmitter.

By practicing, we are able to keep our unique signal clear. If we forget to practice, our signal can drift, and we will need to recalibrate by doing our meditation practice, yoga practice or being quiet in nature.

I have found that regular and consistent meditation practice, especially with animals, is the foundation for my animal communication and Reiki practices and all of my work. Actually, my meditation practice supports all phases of my life.

Students are always asking me how they can get better at hearing their animals and/or healing them. For me, the answer is to begin by building a deep foundation by creating a fun and consistent meditation practice that includes animals.

One thing that you can do right now to begin to develop a regular practice would be to join our lovely Animal Meditation & Healing group and listen to the short guided meditation below.

Please be sure to invite your animal companion/s to join you.

You can listen to this guided meditation as often as you like.


You might also like to join me in April for the on-line Beginning Animal Communication workshop.

Have fun with your animals and don’t forget to SMILE!


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