Illusion & The Magic Bridge


Illusion is always an interesting topic and thought for me, but what does illusion and a bridge have to do with animal communication and healing?

The above picture came from Annie Kagan, the author of the book, “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There’s Life After Death”. In one of her newsletters she writes about amagic bridge that allows us to walk across and penetrate the illusions of life.

To do so one must get quiet, tuning out the noise and fears of the world that most of us are bombarded with daily via our TV’s, radio, internet and more.


To me, getting quiet means BEING…BEING in the stillness and silence with the animals and all that is. The animals are perfect examples and teachers of the fine art of BEING.

Remember that we are “human-beings” not “humans-doing”!


On the path of life you may find yourself standing in the middle of the “magic bridge” feeling as if the waters and land below are treacherous and threatening to come crashin

g over and take you with them, but remember that it is but an illusion! It does not feel that way in the moment. Trust me, I have been on the bridge myself many times. We all have, haven’t we?

Thankfully there are life preservers and things we can do to get safely across the bridge.


Take a slow deep breath in and out and connect to one or more of your animal friends. As you do this, notice your whole body and mind shifting as you connect to the earth energy and the power that is within you deep down in your belly/gut. Allow the illusions of life that do not serve you to fall away, as your animal friend/s and you walk across the Magic Bridge together.

Allow animals to teach you and show you the way.


May your day be filled with moments of silence and joy as you spend time with your animal friend/s and with nature. Feel the earth under your feet and walk with confidence and courage across the “magic bridge” allowing the illusions of life to drop gently under the bridge and of course don’t forget to smile!

Please enjoy this guided meditation

Invite your animal companion to join you in this short and simple guided meditation. As you practice it, notice how your animal companion responds and feel your connection to them and their connection with you.

Enjoy this journey with your animal friend/s. Please feel free to share your experience below.

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