Petting A Butterfly’s Aura

I looked out my office window to see what the movement was out of the corner of my eye. I stood up from my chair so I could see all the way down to the ground and up high in the trees and sky.

“Look Max, the butterflies are here!”

Max was lying down on the window seat in the other window in my office, not seeming to be interested as I moved my face closer to the window for a better view.

A big yellow and black butterfly was fluttering everywhere. I was mesmerized as I watched her flit and flutter down toward the ground and then up high into the leaves of the tree branches close to my window, then up over the roof of the house. I sat back down in my chair to take the experience and connection in.

Being connected in that way with the sweet butterfly totally changed my energy. I felt a gentle peace flow over me and I also felt refreshed as I went back to work.

We have a large butterfly bush with lovely light purple flowers that is blooming right now, but no butterflies yet. Usually by this time of year it is a major gathering place for butterflies of all sized and colors and lots of bumblebees too.

Yesterday, I saw a hummingbird moth. He flew around my head and tickled my aura before beginning to drink the nectar of the flowers on the bush. Hoping to get a photo, I moved as gently as I could, pulling my camera out of my back pocket.

The sweet soul allowed me to ever so gently get closer to take a few photos before he flew to the top of the bush, way over the top of my head.

My heart was smiling and my whole body felt totally connected to the ground as I stood in the energy of the beautiful gentle being. There was a beautiful “hello” between us. The rest of the communication was without words, just BEING in the moment with each other. But that was yesterday.

A couple of minutes later my husband let me know that he was leaving for work. I had been waiting for him to move his car so I could go out and get much needed kitty food for Luna and Max. If you have a kitty in your life, you know how demanding they can be! “Cats have staff” as the saying goes and one of my life’s purposes it to serve their every need. 😉

As he got in his car he said, “Look! There’s a big yellow butterfly on the butterfly bush!” Of course, I turned and as I did I realized that she was the one I had just seen out my office window.

I got my camera out and slowly walked toward her and then stopped to be in the stillness and of course, say “hello”.

I took a slow breath in and out and felt connected energetically with this beautiful being.

Her energy was light and filled with joy as she sat on one of the purple flowers, drinking from each individual separate purple flower that made up the whole of what we might call a single flower.

She was fully aware of me as I got closer with my camera. Oh, but not too close to make her feel uncomfortable and fly away. I just can’t stop smiling!

I was taken back to the feeling of being a little child again, filled with awe and wonder of the world around me, especially the world of animals and nature.

I had the feeling of being a wild butterfly flying anywhere I wanted to go. What a joy filled life having such a deep intimate connection with flowers. I paused for a moment which took me out of the thoughts and worries of the rest of the world, just for that glorious moment. It was like a mini vacation and the perfect distraction.

The butterfly allowed me to pet its aura.

Petting a butterfly’s aura is an energetic healing technique that I love to teach in some of my workshops. You can do the same thing with your own animal companions.

If you would like to learn how, please join me in a guided meditation below.


I hope you enjoyed spending special time with your animal companions and connecting to the energy of a butterfly.

Let me know in the comments below, what you experienced and felt as you listened to the recording.

Be sure to keep your eyes open to the wonder that is all around you.

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