Scampering and playing, taking long naps on the porch, Luna and Max have come alive with new energy in the past few weeks.

It’s officially summer!

The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere is June 20th this year. It always falls between June 20th and June 22nd in the northern hemisphere. As you know, it is the longest day of the year and signals the beginning of Summer.

The opposite is true of the southern hemisphere right now. Winter and the darkest days of the year are taking place. The winter solstice is a different celebration and yet here we all are on this planet we call earth, traveling together around our beautiful star we call the sun.

Did you know that animals and all nature are affected by the sun?

What do you notice as the days get longer?

Do your animal companions act or behave differently when there is more daylight each day?

Do you notice the wild animals and birds behaving differently as the sun is up longer?

You might like to take a moment and observe the animals in your life at this time of year.

Oh, and don’t forget to notice how you feel!

There are celebrations and ceremonies all over the world during the summer solstice.

Some of these celebrations have been going on for thousands of years. You may join a celebration (in person or virtual) or you might create one just for yourself and your animal family. Celebrating light and sunshine.

Taking a little time each day to BE still and simply breathe in and out can totally change your whole perspective.

Do this with your animal family or even wild animals, trees, flowers, etc. making the experience even richer. It can feel like a mini vacation away from any worries of the day.

Please join me in a little “journey” to celebrate the summer solstice.

Invite your animal family to join you as we celebrate the gift of the sun, light, another trip around the sun, and each other.


I would love for you to share your experiences and observations that you had with your animal companions in the box below.

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